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The ‘REAL OIL’ on The Book Called WHALE OIL

Today we embark on a journey to right a few wrongs and more importantly set the record straight - once and for all. It’s a shameful record, as you will quickly discover, of lies, half-truths and misinformation peddled by a compliant news media. Here at, there’ll be none of that nonsense, as Marc outlines below.

THE FIRST casualty of war, as they say, is the truth. And at this very moment in time, we here at are in a war.
It’s not your typical war. There’s no battlefield to speak of. No soldiers, guns or tanks. But make no mistake, this has been a ‘war’ in every sense of the word – bloody, brutal and also senseless at times. 

The Whale may have migrated to warmer waters, but his ghost still looms large with an unresolved court case – and the on-going fallout from the Margie Thomson-authored book ‘Whaleoil’ which became a central part of the Matthew Blomfield propaganda machine. But if wars can be started with lies, they can be ended with truth – and this is where you’ll find that truth. 

So far we’ve heard one side of the story. Matthew Blomfield’s side as told to author and book reviewer Margie Thomson.
Her book was billed as a wonderful piece of investigative journalism by the very same investigative journalists who possibly should have done a bit more investigative journalism before handing out such high praise.

In the end the book turned out to an un-resounding flop. An almost spaghetti western with Blomfield cast in the classic Clint Eastwood -type role of hero and maverick fighting injustice at every keystroke. Slater, well, in this particular story he found himself hanging from a rope pretty much from the moment he put his boots on.

But sometimes as you will discover a villain is someone whose story just hasn’t been told yet. Here those stories will be told. Truthfully and fairly.

Not the ‘truth’ that Matthew Blomfield and Margie Thomson have made you greedily swallow. Dig below the surface and you will find their so-called truth has a tarpaulin over the blackest of lies. 

In the coming weeks and months we will expose how the New Zealand news media fell for these lies and refused point blank to even entertain the idea there could well be another side to this story. In doing so they failed themselves and their readers. 

Those mistakes won’t be repeated here.

Our content will be factual, backed up with interviews and documents – real evidence, not opinion. We will be fair. And we will give everyone the chance to be heard. Journalism 101 as they call it – and that includes Matthew Blomfield, Margie Thomson and Potton & Burton. 

Sadly that wasn’t a privilege Margie Thomson extended to the likes of myself in the book – and you will soon discover the high price she and her publishers Potton & Burton paid for that.

There is so much here to tell. So much you haven’t heard. So much you think you know. It’s going to be uncomfortable for some and we make no apologies for that.

Here at we will beat our own drum loudly – but it will always be from a sea of transparency.

If you are looking for heroes and villains here, sorry you won’t find them. That’s for the comic books.

This is serious stuff requiring serious examination. We have spent months researching this whale of a story and finally are ready to reveal all.

So subscribe and keep checking in for updates and our latest stories – and again we thank you for your support. 

Margie Thomson and Potton & Burton have been approached for comment. Our next story will be up soon…

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