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Blomfield Child Sex Scandal

It’s a story no one else has been willing to tell - until now. TODAY WE expose the child sex scandal which has brought untold shame on the Blomfield family name.
THE YOUNGER brother of Matthew Blomfield is a convicted child sex offender who’s spent the past 12 months on strict parole after serving time for sexually abusing a vulnerable 14-year-old teenager.
For years this case has somehow managed to stay out of the headlines, with the news media strangely disinterested in a story (The NZ Herald know about it), which you could argue on several fronts is in the public interest, and certainly newsworthy for the purposes of keeping other potential victims safe. For one, the offender, 44-year-old Daniel Ross Blomfield, has a famous grandfather in wrestler Lofty Blomfield – the creator of the Sharpshooter – and also a high-profile brother in Matthew Blomfield, who’s been in a very public war with blogger Cameron Slater for close to a decade now. Interestingly despite some media reports, Matthew Blomfield has NOT won his case against Cam Slater, as it’s now just dragging on through the High Court with no end in sight. (This site will at a later date reveal why) 
It’s unclear how close Matthew Blomfield is to his brother, what his view is of the offending, or whether he’s involved in any way in trying to help him reintegrate back into society.
We’ve tried to speak to him about these issues but he has declined our request for an interview.
Either way the facts stand for themselves – and they don’t make for pretty reading. In late 2019 Daniel Blomfield was sentenced to three years and 11 months behind bars after being convicted at trial on charges of sexual connection with a young person aged 12 to 16 (two charges), and exposing a young person to indecent material or making an indecent communication.
The offending took place in mid to late 2016 when the complainant was only 14 years old. Daniel Blomfield was 38 at the time.
Daniel Blomfield had met the girl through her father, whom he knew at the time. When the opportunity presented itself when the father wasn’t around, Blomfield ‘initiated sex’ with the girl or had her perform oral on him.
The two sexual conduct charges related to four separate occasions when Daniel Blomfield had sexual intercourse with the 14-year-old and another seven occasions when the girl performed oral sex on Blomfield.
If that was not disturbing enough, there is more…
It has been revealed that the girl’s father had also been sexually abusing her in what the court described as a ‘very serious way’.
Like many sex offenders, at the time Daniel Blomfield had limited perception about his actions and the damage they’d caused – and would continue to cause.
Despite being found guilty on both sexual conduct charges, Daniel Blomfield did not accept he did anything wrong.  However, once he started his sentence, he admitted the offending and then abandoned his appeal against his sentence, instead ‘turning his mind to making the best use of this time while in prison’, said the Parole Board who also confirmed Blomfield had ‘a reasonably significant offending history’  which included convictions for family violence, for which he’d done time for. Spring says he received a phone call from Daniel Blomfield some years back, and there were all sorts of threats being made against Spring, his life, and that of his children. Spring made a formal complaint to the Police, however they, at the time, did not investigate the matter, rather they told Spring to call the Police if Daniel Blomfield turned up. 
This latest scandal has thrown more shame on the Blomfield family name and also raised questions about why someone didn’t pick up on warning signs about Daniel Blomfield’s sexual interest in children.
Daniel Blomfield could not be reached for comment.
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