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When a Book Should Be Classed as Fiction, Rather than Non Fiction

Today We Start Looking At Why Marc Spring Can Obtain The Evidence From Various Agencies Such As the NZ Police, But Whale Oil Book Author Margie Thomson Can't.
Both author Margie Thomson, and publisher Potton & Burton seem to have gone radio silent as they bury their heads in the sand. Sure, we have had the odd legal letter from the team at Wynn Williams, but it’s always the same old score … “our clients won’t be commenting or responding to your questions”. 
Our questions are legitimate questions that need answers. Spring says “it’s pretty obvious to me they don’t have the answers, just as they did not have the evidence to justify the defamatory claims made in the Whale Oil book”. 
Spring has been like a dog with a bone in his investigation into the baseless, fictional claims made in the Whale Oil book, and has been using the Privacy Act, and Official Information Act to the best of his ability to hunt out the truth… to expose the lies. We have become recently aware that the subject of the book, Matthew Blomfield has taken to running around Auckland offering up free copies of the Whale Oil book to anyone who wants to read it… desperate much! 
Of the information requests, Spring says “I am quite sure the cops and other agencies are sick of my requests, but the various acts are in place for good reason, and as a tax payer I am quite entitled to ask the questions I am – my life and reputation depends on it” 
In the documents this site has obtained (there are hundreds), there, for a time was always the road block of ‘its an open investigation’ so at this stage we can’t respond, so therefore your request is declined, or, due to the maintenance of law we decline the request. 
As Spring says “these things can’t last forever, and like all things, the door closes at some point on the investigation and the door opens to obtain the information”. 
In the coming days and weeks will be starting our page by page dissemination of the Whale Oil book, and referencing it back to the many requests we have made of these various agencies. There are some truely startling revelations to be made, and you will soon see that the Whale Oil book is nothing like its been promoted to be. There will no doubt be some embarrassed media outlets who have chosen to promote the book without actually considering its content, nor making contact with those named in the book. 
In an upcoming story this site will go through the Radio New Zealand interview with Matthew Blomfield in some detail, and dissect whats Spring says “is the anatomy of lies that is associated with the Whale Oil book” 
Marc Spring has attempted to contact Jessie Mulligan from RNZ on several occasions as he interviewed Matthew Blomfield on his show, but he is another person who has ignored our requests for an interview. 
As mentioned in our previous story, Potton & Burton, Their Ethics (Or lack of), And How They Go About Their Business, we said we had recently come into some new information from several requests made to the NZ Police. 
In the Whale Oil book it’s claimed that Spring had sent a series of threatening texts to Matthew Blomfield’s wife, and in other email correspondence to the NZ Police by Blomfield, he made claims that Spring had a SIM card from an old phone that Blomfield had apparently given to his old friend, Hell Pizza boss, Warren Powell
Spring made several Privacy Acts requests of the NZ Police and they responded saying that no messages exist, nor had they ever been given copies of any messages, and they had no information on the SIM card, nor did the Police find the SIM card. The Police reply stated that under section 53(a) the information requested does not exist. 
So why in the Whale Oil book does it state that Spring was texting Blomfield’s wife when it never happened as the messages don’t exist! Spring says “the allegations are just more nonsense which seems to be a recurring theme with the books false claims… but what I do find laughable is Blomfield claims I text his wife, yet I have a court transcript where Blomfield was in fact texting my ex wife offering his assistance in her case before the Family Court against me, in what appears to be an attempt by Blomfield to try and deprive me of my own kids”. “You can be quite sure that if I had text Blomfield’s wife like he claims, that the Police would have come knocking” 
Our investigation shows Spring NEVER text Matthew Blomfield’s wife, and more bizarrely there are claims by Matthew Blomfield of “anonymous text messages”. We say no such thing can happen. Spring also requested copies of the alleged text messages, and Skype messages from the insurers lawyers, Wynn Williams, and strangely but not surprising, they could not supply them either.
Spring says “I received 4996 documents as part of the discovery and disclosure process in my defamation claim and not one of these messages was in there… odd don’t you think given the book says they exist?” 
Another recent Privacy Act request was made with regard to the question of when had the NZ Police completed the various investigations into Spring and many others, as Blomfield has been making never ending complaints, then revised complaints, it just never seemed to end. Spring says “whats become quite apparent is that Blomfield was making complaints so that he could say that various matters were under investigation, and these complaints likely slowed the process to obtain the information as there was an active investigation going on”
One of the replies last week is quite a revelation as what we now know is that the investigation into the Ned Paraha home invasion matter was ‘completed at the Auckland District Court on 22/05/2015’. So that means the day Ned Paraha was sentenced was the the day the file was closed.
What does this prove?… that the author Margie Thomson must have known full well that the information in her book was factually and evidentially wrong, as the information was readily available well in advance of publishing the book. So did Matthew Blomfield keep the truth from her? Or is this further proof of the book being the real “hit job”? Spring says “it seems to me that gullibility is a real issue amongst this lot”.
We know Spring supplied Potton & Burton with plenty of evidence between the book launch and the publication date as that is well documented in the emails to Robbie Burton.
Spring says “it just proves to me that this book is based on the old adage of never ever let the truth get in the way of a good story, or perhaps it was just write a book and let the insurers deal with the fallout” Spring also says “I made a privacy act request of the Police to see whether Margie Thomson had ever made any enquiries about me and they came back saying that she had made no such requests, so what documents was she relying on?”
Coming up is the story when Spring was interviewed by the Police, and what the Police really said about the home invasion
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