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Was This Threatening Text Message from Matthew Blomfield in 2011 a Sign of Things Come?

This Text Was Clearly Just The Start Of Things To Come.

Author Margie Thomson, and the publishers Potton & Burton were well aware of this text message (along with many more evidential documents) between the launch of the Whale Oil book at Auckland University, and their decision to push on with distributing the book a couple of weeks later… surely this would be ringing alarm bells for any investigative journalist worth their salt. 

Matthew Blomfield, the man who has whinged and complained so much was in fact busy out there making threats, and saying exactly what he intended to do. A message like this would surely generate a ‘please explain’ and be worthy of a phone call to Marc Spring for comment. 

Clearly the Whale Oil book was Blomfield’s attempt at that PR mess. Sadly, the Whale Oil book is in reality a PR disaster for both the author and publishers, and has given us the forum to respond to the lies that have been circulating for years. Spring chuckles and says “its really quite an accomplishment to fuck something up so badly”. 

The intention, and threat of Matthew Blomfield’s text to Marc Spring on 24 August 2011 is quite clear – he was going to target Spring’s now ex father law, Ralph Norris, and cause a PR mess. So was Blomfield meaning he was going to cause Spring a PR mess with Norris, or cause Norris a PR mess? 

Blomfield of course did drive ex Hell Pizza boss, Warren “Otis” Powell from NZ, to Canada in fact, and never to be seen again, and he single handedly destroyed Powell’s association with the Hell Pizza business. 

Spring says “Blomfield has always had a strange fascination with Ralph Norris, and clearly he thought that threatening me by using his name, that I would in some way be scared or intimidated. All pretty weird really, but as we know Blomfield was putting swathes of documents in my then wife’s letterbox, Blomfield was in contact with my ex during the various court battles for the kids (which I won in the High Court, Court of Appeal, and then the Family Court setting legal precedents along the way as self represented) where he offered any assistance he could to deprive me of seeing my kids… I mean what sort of sick twisted individual brings peoples kids, and wives into the mix? Blomfield on several occasions has been in contact with Ralph Norris spinning his nonsense, and in the end for some wacky reason, Ralph Norris decided to join “Team Blomfield” by providing not one, but two affidavits for the Blomfield V Slater case in support of Blomfield. The intent by Blomfield was crystal clear, he hoped Norris would lean on me, but no such luck” 

We asked Spring if he thought Blomfield was still in contact with Norris – Spring says “who knows, nothing would surprise me… which reminds me back in 2018 when I was in Europe on holiday, and I had a message from my ex wife telling me she had just had a visit from the NZ Police asking questions after Blomfield had made another false complaint about me, and decided to throw her name in the mix so the cops could ask her questions so it would likely cause me further damage with my relationship with the kids” 

Having now reviewed all the evidence, and Blomfield’s behaviour, what has become quite apparent is that Blomfield will make his allegations against someone, claiming all sorts of crap is going on, when the real reality is that what Blomfield is really doing is that exact behaviour himself. As the previous story posted yesterday “When a Book Should Be Classed as Fiction, Rather Than Non Fiction” , a perfect example of that type of behaviour was Blomfield’s false and malicious claims that Spring had been contacting Blomfield’s wife via text and Skype (to which as the Police and lawyers, Wynn Williams, have pointed out no such messages exist), when it was Blomfield contacting not only Springs ex wife, but also his ex father in law. 

Spring says “perhaps the book was a good thing as its given the opportunity to get the real truth to there… I bet they never saw it playing out like this” 


Coming up we will detail a 2019 court case, where we will reveal the theft of funds from a dead man, and the banning of the lawyer who facilitated the payments to Blomfield and his old business partner

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