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The Evidence… That Never Existed

Claims Of Audio Recordings And Evidence That does Not Exist. So Why Did Margie Thomson Write That It Did? And Why Did Lawyer Steven Price Approve The Book?
Writing a book like Whale Oil by author Margie Thomson is just one part of this story, and a part not to be missed is the lies, mistruths and fabrications that have also been filed in various affidavits in the Blomfield V Slater case. 
In the story today, whilst brief, we will cover off what’s long been the supposed ‘smoking gun’ on the part of Matthew Blomfield, and it revolves around his claim that he has an audio recording of a conversation with someone called Henry Williamson
Now Henry Williamson is not his real name. Spring knows the identity of the person, but we won’t name him. Springs says “I have been mates with this guy for years, bought and sold my houses with him, and he says that Blomfield is talking utter crap, and hey, if the audio file exists then why not share it?”
What this blog site knows is that the alleged audio file was never in any disclosure documents in the successful defamation claim in Spring V Margie Thomson and Potton & Burton, and we also know that the NZ Police don’t have the audio file either. 
So why is any reference of this alleged recorded telephone call in the Whale Oil book? Surely with an allegation that’s so potentially damaging, any investigative writer would demand to hear the evidence, and then talk with the NZ Police, as clearly it would be a vital piece of the puzzle in the Ned Paraha case. 
Let’s not forget, the night Paraha visited Blomfield was way back in 2014, and the book was published in 2019 – so in the ensuing 5 years, nobody thought to check the validity of this potentially crucial evidence! The NZ Police didn’t need to as they never received it. 
Back in late November 2020 Spring finally received a reply to one of his many Privacy Act requests. This would make up part of his evidence for the defamation claim against the Whale Oil book. 
In the Privacy Act request Spring has not one, but 2 items of interest that he was seeking information for. Firstly it was a copy of the alleged audio file, and secondly Spring referred to a witness statement that had been prepared and filed by Blomfield which made a further allegation that Blomfield had spoken with ‘another individual’… who was this mysterious ‘individual’?
What we now know from the reply from the NZ Police, is that Spring’s request was declined due to “this information does not exist, and Police do not have a copy of this information” 
So NO information exists, yet Margie Thomson included it in her book, Whale Oil, Victoria University law lecturer, and supposed media law expert and defamation lawyer Steven Price must have reviewed this vital piece of information – we know that both Price and Thomson had concerns about this part of the book, but the concerns were not about using false, fake, and non-existent evidence, they were more concerned about using Henry Williamson’s real name! We also know that Margie did not make contact with Henry Williamson to validate the story since the audio recording simply didn’t exist. No point calling someone to confirm an allegation you already know is false. 
Spring passed on to lawyers for the defendants, Margie Thomson and Potton & Burton, Wynn Williams, a copy of this Privacy Act response and to date no copy of the audio file has been forthcoming despite multiple requests. 
Spring says ”this part of the story does not finish here either, as these allegations of the audio recording have also been filed by Mathew Blomfield in his sworn affidavit evidence to the High Court in Blomfield V Slater, but no copy of the audio file has ever been filed with the High Court either”. Spring goes on to say “it’s all just designed to mislead the Judges, and in my view it’s perjury, and attempting to pervert the course of justice. It’s also designed so that when the media get access to the file it gives them a chance to run a story, but even the NZ Herald were not that stupid to name me in any of their stories about the Paraha incident. I would say the NZ Herald would have checked with their own Police sources and would have known the audio never existed”.  

Author Margie Thomson did not speak to one person who could provide vital evidence that would prove the story of the Whale Oil book was a lie, and a fabricated story – but we know she did talk to a few people who are Blomfield sycophants. 
Spring has made many Privacy Act requests in the past few weeks, with many deadlines passing and no information or reply has been forthcoming – those requests for information have been forwarded to the office of the Privacy Commissioner as there are multiple breaches of the Act by ignoring requests. 
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