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The Myth… the Lie… the Hard Drive That Was Never Stolen

People Are Horrible Fanticists, Bull Shit Artists, And Just Dirty Liars.
A long held BS theory, and claim, is that the Hard Drive (HD) of Matthew John Blomfield was stolen. Stolen from who, what, where?
Initially Blomfield claimed it was stolen from a burglary from an office he shared with Hell Pizza boss, Warren “Otis” Powell in Victoria Street, Auckland City. 
But Blomfield had to admit that the HD was not in fact stolen. It certainly was not listed as stolen in any Police files – despite Blomfield’s initial claims.
Let’s be honest, brutal and thoughtful… that HD was NEVER stolen, and the allegation and claim was just a ruse. 
Spring says “I hold receipts in emails to me by Warren Powell where he paid for the there HD, not Blomfield” 
Ok… So Powell paid for the HD – So how does Blomfield claim ownership? Powell owns it. Powell was of course run out of NZ by Blomfield. We know that as Blomfield text Spring saying he had run Powell out of NZ and Spring was next – readers will have seen that message as it was posted in a previous story on this site “Was this threatening message from Matthew Blomfield in 2011 a sign of things to come?
Spring also says “I hold over 765 pages from the NZ Police where no less than 4 cops have advised Blomfield that the hard drive was NEVER stolen, so why does he keep up with this crap?”
The documents seen by this blog site confirm what Spring is saying, so we wonder why Blomfield says anything was stolen. 
We are aware of another case involving Blomfield, where he has sued the Inland Revenue Department. It’s again publicly available at – no doubt he is claiming the HD was stolen in that case.
Spring says “Blomfield’s own affidavits claim he has made plenty of money, and good on him, as money makes the world go round… but I pause to say, when you make claims in affidavits, there is not much point in having companies that don’t file tax returns, as he clearly has paid no tax”.
This site has looked at the likes of Blomfield & Co and can see that the affidavit of Blomfield is rather misleading. Who, according to affidavits, is making six figures a year, but not filing tax returns. 
Spring says he has heard that the unpaid tax by Blomfield goes as far back as his bankruptcy – thats 50 plus periods of unpaid GST and other taxes. 
What we do know is the HD was never stolen.
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