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A Testament to the Truth… or a Tomb of Hate?

Blogging Is A Funny Place At Times - Stories, Views, Posts, Thoughts, Comments, Opinions.
Marc Spring says “opinions are like assholes, we all have one”
One blogger who has had plenty to say, and push ‘his version’ of events is none other than Dunedin based, failed Mayoral candidate Pete George of the now defunct blog
Pete, as he likes to be known, according to him, wrote over 18,000 posts for his blog site. Now that’s quite a feat by anyone who is writing solely by himself. The hours toiling away day in day out for years, getting his message out into the blogosphere.
Sure, Pete wrote some interesting stuff (if you liked what he wrote), his blog was where what Pete says… goes!  And hey, why not, it’s his piece if cyberspace straight out of Dunedin. Pete’s world.
Spring says “old Pete wrote plenty about me, his version of events, his ideas of who said and did what, but with what actual evidence? Pete was a big endorser of the Whale Oil book
We wonder if Pete George did the same ‘line by line’ analysis that lawyer, Steven Price did? And we know how that turned out in our previous story about Steven Price. 
Pete George never contacted Spring to verify anything, in fact, if Spring dared hit him up via email or by commenting on his site, Pete would just start posting away his narrative, or block comments. He was at times, so blinded, so stupid, and so naive. 
A look over at Kiwiblog run by Political Commentator, David Farrar, shows the disdain so often shown by the Kiwiblog readership towards Pete George. He clearly was not a popular man given all the ’thumbs down’ he regularly received on the Kiwiblog site. 
Spring says “I have recently emailed Mr George on several occasions asking for him to verify, and provide the evidence he must have been referring to in order to have made the statements he made about me on his site, and to date I have had no reply”
Since the email requests made by Spring, the blog site, has now been taken down. Was it the emails from Spring that had Pete George thinking his best course of action was to remove the site?
Why not just remove the offending stories ? Why removed all 18,000 stories? Spring says “I suspect there was much more on that site that needed closer scrutiny” 
We know that Spring complained to Netsafe over the story Pete wrote about the Whale Oil book, and Pete George removed the offensive content as he knew he had once again overstepped the mark. He has acknowledged that in an email, and in other emails this site has seen, Pete George made some extremely defamatory and derogatory comments about Spring. 
However, what is truly concerning was that Pete George broke a golden rule of blogging, and breached Spring’s privacy by sending copies of Spring’s comments to Whale Oil author Margie Thomson for her book, and confirming Spring’s identity by way of an IP address.  This is not only a BIG no no, but it’s also illegal. 
How could anyone trust Pete George with their identity? 
How could anyone trust Pete George with their privacy?
Who else’s privacy has Pete George illegally breached? 
Spring says “my site is a testament to the real story, the truth… and some are not liking it at all, and I suspect that Pete George was concerned that his tomb of hate was about to become the centre of attention by me for another court case in the near future”
Spring never has an issue with anyone writing a story, but verification of facts, and balanced, unbiased reporting is a must. Quite clearly in matters pertaining to the Whale Oil book, the MSM have their narrative, which is not the truth, nor the real story. Most of the NZ media are now lame ducks. 
Spring says “what amazed me the most on the reporting of the Ned Paraha attack on Matthew Blomfield at YourNZ, was that Pete George allowed all sorts of rubbish to be posted about me, with them all saying send me to jail – to jail for what?”
As this blog has exposed through the NZ Police documents we have obtained, that the Police made it quite clear they knew Spring had nothing to do with it – so why did the books author, Margie Thomson fashion ‘her’ versions of events when she had the same Police transcript we hold? Just another fanciful musing for the utterly baseless and defamatory book. 
Whats becoming more and more apparent to this blog is that those who have been inveigled into the ‘Blomfield version of events’ are finding out that its a costly exercise, either financially, or by their promotion of knowingly false information which is leaving them with damaged reputations. 
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