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Is Newsroom Really “A News Room”?

The Role Of The Media Is To Make Sure Its Unbiased, And Truthful - So What Is Wrong At Newsroom?
This blog is part of the free speech movement, the right of reply, and is only interested in the TRUTH! We despise the woke, and the pathetic. 
Spring says “I have always held Tim Murphy in relatively high regard, but of late he seems he seems to be more like Tim Furphy with an agenda”
What has become apparent is that Newsroom is a paddling pool for author Margie Thomson, and publishers, Potton and Burton. Pushing their spin… lefties. 
It was not that long ago that this site wrote about the way in which publishers Potton and Burton go about dealing with Nicky Hager‘s books – we used Robbie Burton‘s own words from that Newsroom story. That story was a self adulation piece by Robbie Burton. Basically a jerk fest. 
In that story Burton told us how his publishing company essentially screw people over by keeping a book a secret, never calling any potential witnesses who could provide factual evidence, then just publishing, so to create the maximum devastating impact for the subject matter of the book. 
Then on December 22, 2022 on the Newsroom site, under the sub section called READINGROOM, a story appeared about a best seller called Ruby’ – and the subsequent Q&A from none other than Whale Oil author, Margie Thomson.
What’s interesting about this is that Margie Thomson in her Newsroom bio says “She is also the author of the superb investigation Whale Oil”.
Does anyone know what “superb investigation” she is referring to? Spring says “the women investigated nothing other than chatting to Matthew Blomfield so how is that investigative? … imagine if she talked to me and read the Police files I have?” 
The Whale Oil book is only a winner of settling court cases with two people so far, with a 3rd defamation case before the courts. The book is a catastrophic failure. We bet the Ockham Book Awards are happy they didn’t award the book anything.
So why is Newsroom deleting Springs Facebook comments? Is Newsroom a shill for Margie Thomson?
The censorship by the media surrounding the Whale Oil book just shows how complicit they all are in the promotion of knowingly defamatory material. Why would anyone delete Facebook comments when they know they are true?
Spring says “I have written to Newsroom and Tim Murphy, and they know exactly where it is at, but I am not surprised by this as they all flogged a dead horse and now it’s just embarrassing. The New Zealand Herald are the same”
Spring’s Facebook comments are here for all to see … screen grabs are a god send!
It’s interesting to see that Margie Thomson husband, James Charlton has injected himself into the Facebook comments – his comment has been since deleted too. Funny how Charlton says he is trying to make sure his view is not the only one in the room! 
What about the truthful view James about the Whale Oil book? Maybe stick to selling Xmas trees.
Spring says “the narrative run by these guys is a disgrace, they seem to all think they can write what they like, and do as they please” 
Freedom of the press, and freedom of speech is in jeopardy… there are no investigative journalists looking into the Blomfield story. The author of the Whale Oil book is certainly no investigative anything… 
Spring however says “I am well across all this bullshit and the rubbish narrative, and I will expose it here for all to see”
In the meantime, Newsroom should go back to the news. 
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