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Self Governing Bodies in NZ… When Industry Money Buys Justice for Its Members

NZ Is Full Of These Self Governing Bodies, Who Are There To Cover Up The Fraud, Theft, Lies And Mess Made By Members…Issuing Wet Bus Tickets All Round.
Where do we start… The Law Society, Media Counsel, BSA, REAA / READT, IPCA, Privacy Commission, CAANZ, RITANZ.
The list is endless – self governed to cover up the mistakes made by their own. 
The idea behind these bodies is to protect the NZ public. Alas that’s just not case in so many instances. Complain… and get shafted. 
Marc Spring is no stranger to making complaints when they are justified, or at least the need for a proper answer when the behaviour of those who flout, and often abuse the rules is required. Springs view is simple – hold them to account. 
Spring says “getting accountability in NZ is bloody hard, if not nigh on impossible – even something simple like getting a Chartered Accountant who acts as a Liquidator to follow the rules in filing reports on time just results in CAANZ/RITANZ telling the Liquidator to update the NZ Companies Office, with no censure what so ever”.
“These are often High Court ordered appointments, with very tardy operators in that space… cowboys” 
Victoria Toon is one such tardy operator who seems to think that just ignoring her legal obligations is her right. This site is currently awaiting a response from CAANZ on why she has failed to file her last 3 six monthly reports with regard to a liquidation she is handling. These 3 unfiled reports equate to over 18 months now. It’s a statutory legal requirement to file a report every 6 months. Toon, also according to the investigation of this site has, in one company’s case, allegedly sold an asset of the company to a minor creditor, without consultation of the major creditors, and is hiding behind some sort of confidentiality agreement. will update readers on this as soon as we hear the reasons for the sale. Spring says “not even in the online reports does it state what the asset sold for, so how do any creditors know if they will receive any funds” 
Another agency that protects its own is the REAA/READT – the Real Estate Agents Authority and the Real Estate Agent Disputes Tribunal. Again this site believes that much of the offending is simply swept under the carpet so to speak. Spring says “on occasion they do get it right, and one such scumbag is the now jailed Aaron Drever, but it seems to be few and far between” Drever was jailed for fraud, and his appeal for home detention was declined. His wrap sheet is long and well documented. 
This site will be bringing the cosy relationship between Aaron Drever and Matthew Blomfield to our readers attention in the coming weeks. Drever is currently serving his custodial sentence in a far north jail. 
Speaking of the REAA/READT Spring has had first hand experience with both these wet bus ticket operations when he complained about the deplorable behaviour of Barfoot & Thompson Epsom agents, Diana West and her 4th (might be 5th) husband Peter West. The Wests are well known in selling the leafy suburb of Epsom in Auckland. Spring says “sadly I chose these 2 horrible individuals to sell my matrimonial home, and what a mistake that was” 
This site has reviewed the evidence that Spring filed with the REAA/READT, and what is VERY clear is that Ralph and Pam Norris, Springs ex in-laws, made some absolutely disgraceful, and defamatory remarks about him to both Diana and Peter West. But to make matters worse, when the Wests botched the sale of Spring’s home, after vouching for the purchaser (who defaulted), Spring took issue with the conduct of the Wests with the REAA. What came back by way of reply from the Wests was nothing short of vile, malicious and defamatory. Spring says “if I had my knowledge of defamation case law back then like I do now, I would have dealt to both the Wests and the Norris’s no questions asked, as that case would have been a slam dunk” “it would have been my 3rd defamation case win for sure” 
And the outcome for the Wests…. A wet bus ticket, despite when examined under oath by Spring (again self represented), Diana West admitted what she wrote in her submission to the READT had directly come from Ralph and Pam Norris. Spring proved for the READT that nothing West repeated was true, but despite the overwhelming evidence against Diana and Peter West, they both got off. 
Diana West was approached via email in late December 2022 for comment, but to date she has yet to reply. 
Coming up, this site will review the Spring V NZ Herald complaint to the Media Council, thus once again showing the ‘wet bus ticket’ nature of self governing bodies – in particular to the NZ Herald. 
Don’t forget readers  – they say some clouds do have silver linings and this site certainly provided one with regard to the NZ Law Society, and the now banned lawyer Ronald Bruce Johnson and the theft of funds that were distributed to Matthew Blomfield and Paul O’Conner.
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