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Appendix 2: Defamation

According To Steven Price - Barrister Specialising In Media Law at Victoria University
“Defamation law is broken”… according to Steven Price at page 298 of Margie Thomsons unresearched book, Whale Oil
How so Mr Price? Spring has won 2 defamation cases in the last 12 months. The first with a pre-trial settlement, and the other a resounding win in the High Court. 
Steven ’the expert’ Price states that “it took more than 7 years to resolve”…. What case are you referring to Steven? It’s actually been 10 years, and nothing is resolved. There has never been a trial, and there is NO judgement in favour of Matthew Blomfield
Why is Blomfield V Slater a quagmire Steven? What legal complexities? You either have been defamed, or you have not. 
Rabbits, holes, hats – what legal meaning is that? 
Price is a law lecturer at Victoria University, and a supposed specialist in this field. God help the students. 
Price says that “A primary remedy would be a right of reply” – hmm so how come Margie Thomson gave nobody a right of reply? Spring says “I could have handed over 700 plus pages from the NZ Police which would have proved the book was a crock of shit” 
After all, Steven Price, according to Matthew Blomfield in his RNZ interview, went ‘line by line’ through this book checking each and every fact. NO he did not. If he really did he is a disgrace to the legal profession. 
Spring says “Price must have been paid handsomely to put his reverse Midas bullshit spin on there book” 
Oh the irony of all of this. 
This site will soon publish all the recent High Court documents relating to the unfinished case of Blomfield V Slater. 
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