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Family Court, My Kids, Dirty Lawyers & Matthew Blomfield

The Family Court Is A Terrible Place, It Decimates Family. Trust Spring As He Knows, But He Is A Survivor.
Some people take the challenge on like being a Bull Rider – 8 seconds is like a life time. Matthew Blomfield lasted about 10 seconds in his recent MMA fight. 
Spring loves a challenge, loves righting the wrong, and loves hammering those who lie. It’s 8 years for Spring, and still he is still not knocked off the Bull(Shit)
The Family Court in NZ is in his view, a terrible place. A c**t of a place. 
Spring says “in my experience IF the Family Court was inquisitorial, NOT adversarial, we would see so many different outcomes. I get calls weekly from people seeking my advice on how to see their kids and its heartbreaking – after alI I have some of the best Court decisions as a lay litigant”
Spring goes on to say “look at it this way, if you are having a commercial dispute, usually the lawyers are looking for a commercially viable settlement – go down the Family Court route if you use Family Court lawyers, and those lawyers are like blood sucking leeches. They are never interested in settling for the sake of this kids, but they just suck every dollar from anyone that will pay, as they know you love your kids and want to see them… or they love a prick like Ralph Norris who has a deep pocket so they extract revenge on his behalf” 
But enter Spring, the lay litigant. His kids mean everything to him, so he was ready to get stuck in. First it was one lawyer from the Norris’ then 2… those lawyers were six figures losers. In more ways than one!
So where does Matthew Blomfield fit in you all ask? Blomfield was in contact with Springs ex wife, offering his ’legal services’ ….. to help Spring no longer see his kids. The Court transcripts from Spring’s cross examination of his now ex wife show that she admitted that Blomfield had been in contact. What is Blomfield’s interest in Spring’s kids? We do know that Blomfield admitted to placing various documents into Kelly Norris’s letterbox. Blomfield will try anything to intimidate. 
We also know that the NZ Police stated that Spring was NOT a suspect in the attack on Blomfield at his home, and we also know Spring never contacted Blomfield’s wife, despite the false claims in the book, Whale Oil, by Margie Thomson.
Blomfield has continually lied, and made up stories about Spring, when Blomfield is in fact the one deliberately interfering in peoples lives. Just disgusting as far as we are concerned. Our NZ Police files prove that. 
This site has has been very interested in Blomfield’s ‘legal services’ claims – we have obtained audio and transcripts of Blomfield telling a victim that he is a lawyer. Can you believe it, in the presence of another lawyer – Brett Norling from Norling Law
Blomfield in our opinion is not a legal persons asshole! We will be reporting on his many legal losses very soon. 
Spring was a winner in the High Court after an appalling decision from the Family Court, then he successfully defended the Norris appeal in the Court of Appeal, and then cleaned up again in the Family Court for the final orders. The High Court allows very few Family Court appeals each year, unless its extenuating circumstances. 
Now for the lawyers… Spring says NEVER ever use either of these incompetent fools. First off Catherine Townend, then her buddy Pip Cobcroft. These 2 scumbag lawyers made money, and lost. 
Spring says “ he was taken into custody based on a false and malicious complaint by Family Court Lawyer, Catherine Townsend, to the NZ Police, as she was so desperate to keep taking cash from Ralph Norris’s wallet, so she laid a false complaint about me with my ex wife in support to the NZ Police. Luckily I was smart enough to ask for the security camera footage where I was in 277, so it proved I was nowhere close to my ex wife… but the damage is done. The cops were awesome and I got an affidavit from the NZ Police in support”
Spring says “what sort of clown lawyers are these?” 
Spring’s record stands for itself in this case, as he won costs as self represented in the Court of Appeal. The Court of Appeal upheld the High Courts decision against Norris. 
But this is a bigger story – Matthew Blomfield has been harassing Spring, and his kids for years, making some of the most hideous defamatory allegations – all designed to destroy Spring’s relationship with his kids. 
Sadly, Ralph Norris joined team Blomfield by providing 2 affidavits against Marc Spring. Who does that for the sake of their own grandkids? 
Norris is course the ‘guy’ who gave the Aussies the Royal Banking Commission, and he is also the ex Chairman of Fletchers after the $4 billion dollar loss. 
Spring has been campaigning hard to help people in Family Court distress, and has been very successful with his outcomes. 
There is much more to come on all of this – Spring wrote to Ralph Norris for comment and Norris has yet to reply. No surprise as Norris is probably still telling lies to Gary Periam. The Gary Periam story will be up soon. 
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