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The Rat Cunning of the Labour Party

Will NZ Become A Ship Of Fools?
The past week with the current government has been most interesting. Jacinda Ardern lost control of the Party, and had to go. On December 23rd, just 2 days before Christmas she said she was looking forward to returning for this year… a lot changed very quickly. Or as some have suggested, she lied again, and this had been planned for months. 
The change of leader was without blood letting, no coup, just a well planned and executed move by the Labour Party.
NZ has fallen into a very deep hole, and is now a country of great divisions. Covid, and the response did all that to NZ.
Now one of the key architects of the Covid response for our great nation is our newest Prime Minister. 
Make no mistake, the rat cunning of Chris Hipkins is on display for all to see. He is moving about the country making all the right noises, soothing the fears, meeting with top bankers like the ANZ CEO, who I might add for some reason thought it a good idea to give Hipkins her glowing commentary. 
What’s been orchestrated on NZ is in our view a great con for the next cycle in NZ. 
We’ve seen it before. The 2nd term Ardern government slid into power with a mandate never seen before with MMP. Then once in power all they campaigned on went out the window, and NZ descended deeper into the mess it finds itself in today. 
A quick look at the election promises and policies from the last election, you will see nothing has been achieved. In fact in so many instances the ‘campaign policies’ never got a mention again.
Here is a list of just a few failures or undelivered promises 
  • Dominion Road Light Rail by 2021 – not started
  • 100,000 Kiwi Build homes – about 1% built so far
  • Child poverty was Ardern personal priority – the number of children in ‘material’ hardship was slightly down, however 30,000 more kids live in households that are dependent on a benefit, and 64,000 more kiwis are on welfare. 
  • School attendance rates have plummeted (Hipkins was the Minister) 
  • MIQ disaster 
  • Pregnant Kiwis declined MIQ spots, but DJs allowed in
  • We were to be front of the queue in the world to receive the vaccines – but were one of the last in the OECD to finally get the vaccine (if you wanted it)
  • Business confidence at a 2 year low
  • Rampant inflation
  • Hiking interest rates
  • Falling house and asset prices
  • Co-governance
  • 3 Waters 
And thats just a few – Hipkins has been Education Minister for the past 5 years, and we have seen whats happened there. That does not bode well for his competency to run NZ. For NZ to succeed education needs to be the backbone.
Kiwi Build is one of the best – how they were not slayed in the MSM over this announcement is beyond me. It takes years and years to build 100,000 homes, so how on earth such a nonsense policy ever made it through the Press Release stage. The amount of people who thought this would fly is actually astounding. I just shake my head. We do however have plenty of kiwis now living in tax payer funded motels. 
Hipkins will now simply say what ever it takes to gain the votes back – Then the current agenda will all be back on the table and NZ will be further driven to rack and ruin. There is a pool of about 400,000 votes that seem to be up for grabs. Labour just need a quarter of those to go there way and the race is neck and neck.
Let’s hope NZ is not fooled by the window dressing of Hipkins. But I will say its a very well thought out plan for a shot at a third term. 
The bribes and lolly scrabble to voters is about to start – Don’t be fooled! 
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