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When Claiming Corruption Is Your Spin to Cover off a Court Loss

Some Days The Nonsense That People Say Proves Their Stupidity.
The High Court in NZ is stacked with some of the best legal minds in NZ. They have seen and heard it all. They take time to write judgements, and they evaluate the evidence. 
Spring says “I have been a regular over the past few years in the Courts, and my record stands for itself – I get treated with respect, and I always respect the process.” 
Some people just can’t handle losing a Court case, and they come up with a reason why they lost. Spring says “go read the judgement and appeal if you are not happy”
And that’s the case with today’s story. Spring appealed a Family Court decision in the High Court, and was successful. Spring used one of the most amazing Barristers who specialises in Family Law – Lisa La Mantia. Spring says “a lot was on the line that day, and I had managed to get the appeal into the High Court myself, which is never easy, and I needed the best you can get to assist that day, and Lisa did just that.” 
Spring says “the Family Court is a tricky beast, a lot of emotion, and as reported before at, the adversarial nature of the environment can be problematic” As reported before Spring has been subjected to false Police complaints, and threats to his employment. Spring resigned from his much coveted job in the NZ motor industry due to concerns of the repercussions for his best mate and employer. Spring says “some days you wonder what might have been had I been able to keep my job, but when you have Ralph Norris leaning on people using his ’Sir’ status, it’s sometimes best to think about others rather than yourself” 
In recent days the allegation has been made (again) that Spring knew the High Court Judge who presided over his appeal, and the tone of the allegation is that Spring had the Judge in his pocket. 
That is UTTER nonsense. Spring says “the desperation of such an allegation brings the Court process into disrepute” 
What we have learned is this type of allegation has been part of the wider campaign by the Norris family to take Spring down. Years of abuse, lies, and ‘poor me’ tactics. 
Spring is fighting back – he says “I am so sick of the lies and the bullshit narrative thats been run against me” 
It was not so long ago that the allegation was floating around that the Norris’s alleged that Spring may have even bribed a High Court Judge. How utterly ridiculous! How utterly desperate!
But let’s consider that for a minute… so if that was the case, then who can explain why Spring was successful in defending the Norris appeal that went through the Court of Appeal. So did Spring bribe those 3 Judges as well? What about the Family Court Judge who was specially sent from Whangarei to preside over the final orders that were given after the Court of Appeal sent the case back to the Family Court. Spring’s case had been micro managed by one Family Court Judge, but he was removed from the case after Spring made what must have been a successful complaint to the Judicial Conduct Commissioner. 
The spin is quite incredible. We’ve never heard or seen anything like it. In fact it’s utterly disgusting. 
Spring goes on to say “the commentary and continued behaviour is delusional – so desperate to create a narrative to cover all the lies that have been told about me” 
This site suggests that the Norris family take up these concerns with the Judicial Conduct Commissioner, or even go higher to the Minister for Justice. Spring says “I would welcome such an investigation with the findings to be made public” 
But let’s dig a little deeper on Ralph Norris in all this. So we have found out that Norris has ties to Judge Mick Brown (now deceased), as both Norris, and Brown opposed same sex marriage and Civil Unions. Back in 2004 they teamed up with Dick Hubbard who was also an opponent of Civil Unions. That all changed of course when Dick’s son transitioned to become a women and competed at the Tokyo Olympic Games. 
Spring says “who is the one connected to any judges?? Judge Brown was revered all the way to the top of the tree when it came to Judges, so how am I the one connected to any judges” 
This site states we in no way suggest anything about Judge Brown being involved in Spring’s case, but it’s certainly a little on the nose for Ralph Norris not to have disclosed his relationship with Mick Brown. 
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