Spring says “Matt Blomfield is a liar, a fantasist, I bet he never thought I would get to the bottom of all this rubbish with the attack that happened on him at his home… who is he kidding?”

A high ranking gang member recently met with Ned Paraha, and relayed his findings directly to Spring. Spring says “it took a while to build trust, and for the real story and its truth to give comfort to the right people”

The NZ Police were spot on in their assessment of what really went down at Blomfield’s home in Greenhithe. As the investigating officer, Detective Urvaan Englebrecht rightly pointed out to Spring “Blomfield’s version of events just does not add up”. We now know why!
So why the charade? In our view, its pretty simple, Blomfield saw the chance to use the incident his defamation case V Slater as cover for his nefarious business activities. It became a very convenient excuse, and a way to garner sympathy from the public and the NZ media. It also opens up the opportunities for Blomfield to inflict as much pain as he could on other families, including Spring’s family. Lets not forget Blomfield’s 2011 text message to Spring saying he would create a PR mess and attempt to run him out of NZ.
Ask yourself the honest question – why would any person get a visit from a gang member? It’s certainly nothing to do with some blog posts. Gang members just don’t turn up in the dead of night with a firearm because of a story that was posted online. You really have to have fucked the wrong people off for this occur. That seems lost on the main stream media as they are really that stupid and believed his version of events, just like Margie Thomson did. So much for investigative journalism in NZ. 
The book, Whale Oil, traversed all of this, yet we know that Margie Thomson appears to never have fact checked anything that Matthew Blomfield told her, we know Thomson never talked with the NZ Police, we know she never talked with Ned Paraha, we know she never interviewed or sent a list of questions to Spring, so how on earth did she arrive at her conclusions that she did as a ghost writer?
We do know Margie Thomson has defamed people, and created a narrative this is completely fictitious with regard to Ned Paraha and what happened to Matthew Blomfield. Some of the false allegations in the Whale Oil book are the most hideous that could be made up about anyone. Maybe that was the plan all along.
How could Nicky Hagar, make his statement on the front cover? What meticulous research? 
How could lawyer, and Wellington University Law Lecturer, Stephen Price say he had been ‘line by line’ through the book to check its facts? What evidence was he reviewing?

Our sources tell us that Matthew Blomfield was up to no good. Name dropping gangs, and gang member names is NEVER a good idea, but thats precisely what Matthew Blomfield was doing. It probably goes some way to explain why Mathew Blomfield’s brother, convicted sex offender Daniel Blomfield, got the hiding of his life in broad daylight some time prior to the late night visit Matthew Blomfield got. 

Blomfield in our view, has orchestrated one of NZs biggest cons with his claim of attempted murder and home invasion whilst trying to frame Marc Spring for it, when the truth is so simple. Blomfield knows exactly why Paraha visited him. That is of course why the NZ Police have not needed to investigate any further. Blomfield put his own family at risk, and that’s on him, not on anyone else. 
What is very concerning is that Blomfield has continued to waste the NZ Police’s time with his never ending complaints, and truth distortion. Spring says “I hate to think how much tax payers money has been wasted on the lies that Blomfield has told them, no wonder the NZ Police have had a gutsful of the guy. If it was a genuine incident with the facts as Blomfield has imagined them to be, they would have been able to get to the bottom of it”. Spring has been targeted and harassed by Blomfield for years with his never ending false complaints to the NZ Police about this matter.  Documents seen by this site confirm that Blomfield has had 15 complaints he made reinvestigated between April 2012, and Feburary 2018. The Police have even been as far as interviewing Spring’s ex wife in mid 2018 based on Blomfield trying to inveigle her into the matter so create further harm for the relationship with Spring and his children. 
Blomfield has made many allegations, even saying that the Police were aware of a ‘hit’ going down in Greenhithe… we say what a load of rubbish. Blomfield has also claimed he has an audio recording of a mobile phone call purporting to be Spring saying he was behind the attack, however the NZ Police have confirmed to us via a Privacy Act request, that they have no such audio file as it does not exist. Once again just another lie by Matthew Blomfield with regard to this matter. If any such audio existed the first place you would need to take it to the NZ Police. Spring wrote to publisher Robbie Burton from Potton and Burton on 29 May 2019, advising him that the audio does not exist so how could that be relied upon in the book? Burton never replied. Instead, despite knowing that crucial evidence did not exist, Potton and Burton pushed on with distributing the book any way.  
Spring says “I was amazed when I got a copy of the witness list, which had 22 names on it, but I was the only suspect as the rest were neighbours or friends”
“Blomfield has a long list of people who have issues with him, especially with all his failed liquidated companies, but as we now know, he is a gang name dropper, and its caught him out”.
The NZ Police also in their own report sheets state that Blomfield has many business enemies and he has upset plenty of people along the way. We spoke with several of Blomfield’s ex business partners and two of them have told us that Blomfield threatened them with gangs. It appears that gang name dropping has been a regular in Blomfield’s business life as a way to intimidate people. Blomfield has also in his affidavits named various gangs, trying to link people to them to suit his agenda. 
With our sources out talking with so many people, a very clear picture has now emerged, and it’s not a pretty one. Spring says “the level of lies is frankly astounding, and a lot of people look bloody stupid, or have been sucked in. Take Spring’s ex Father in law Ralph Norris for example, he has given Blomfield two affidavits for his case V Slater – why would he want to get into bed with all these lies? But as we know Norris will do anything to get at Spring. Spring says “it’s sad really as it just affects the kids, but at least in years to come the kids will know the truth and that probably frightens a few people as the Blomfield story has been an easy way to discredit me with the kids” 
We wrote to Margie Thomson giving her the opportunity respond to our questions for this story, but once again she has not replied. Whilst we are not surprised, our continued investigations, which are leading to further revelations and evidence, reveal that Ms Thomson in our view never did any fact checking what so ever for the Whale Oil book. 

Ms Thomson in email correspondence we have obtained, shows that she to can’t understand why the NZ Police have been like they have towards Blomfield, but as the revelations that have been exposed by this site, what did Margie Thomson really know?

The game is up Matt, you have attempted to frame Marc Spring, you have accused others about the Paraha incident, and after much investigating, we now find out you were the reason for the late night visit, not anyone else. You put your own family at risk, nobody else. 
Our view is that Blomfield, and his continued complaints to the NZ Police and various other agencies is simply a “kicking the can down the road” exercise in an attempt to keep his story… and him alive.