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This Crisis Government NZ Currently Has That Covers Their Incompetence

As NZ Plunges Into Peril, We Get a Devastating Cyclone. VOTERS BEWARE.

Let’s call its as it is… NZ is a mess. Crime is out of hand, food prices, and the cost of living is destroying so many people. Covid was overplayed by Labour, and now we have the devastation in the Hawkes Bay. 

Yet this government thought it was a good idea to up the minimum wage – why? The simple answer is they had to.

We are far from the pain being over, and frankly it’s just starting. Maybe its 1987 again? Who knows. 

The move by Labour to put Hipkns in, was… well quite a master stroke. Nobody can counter that thought. A bloodless coup that was done with slick precision. 

But let’s look back on Covid 19, Covid 20 and Covid 21 – the fiscal mismanagement by the current government is now at epic fail proportions. Globally the reality of the handling of the pandemic is unfolding, including the FBI Director, Christopher Wray saying he thinks that Covid 19 potentially came from a China lab. Trump was probably right … it’s the “China virus” …. Man made, and leaked. 

The problem is who cares where it came from, its the issue of how the current NZ Labour government dealt with the matter. As they say,  “the chickens have come him to roost”. According to the current government, many more Kiwis would have died under National… how so? What a load of rubbish. 

That leads us back to the headline on this article – “THIS CRISIS GOVERNMENT” and what does it mean? 

It’s pretty simple, and Labour, hats off to them, have been able to cement their power and control though two events. First Covid, and now the Hawkes Bay cyclone devastation. 

The current Labour government has capitalised on the misery of all Kiwis. Sure, we get the first lockdown due to pandemic fears was possibly justified, although the numbers DO NOT justify the response, but that is just rear view mirror stuff. What has transpired has not made for pretty reading for this government. 

However, the over exasperated response was never needed, and now all New Zealanders are paying a hefty price. That price is spiralling inflation, the cost to just live, and the rapidly rising house mortgage interest rate debt. Stories just this week are pointing to so many households seeing the need to pay near on another $1000 a fortnight in interest. Let alone the defaults. 

Is any of this sustainable? Probably not. 

What this government is very good at is using these crisis moments to move away from the real issues they themselves have created for all kiwis. Lets be honest, the current crop of so called Politicians have no idea what to do. The cyclone was like a Hail Mary for them. Sad, but true.

Who is our saviour??? It is NOT Chris Luxon, I mean Christopher Luxon. The National Party are devoid of any sort of plan, in fact its just embarrassing. With Jacinda finally gone, the thought of replacing Hipkins with a bumbling clown from National is just unconsionable. Labour know this, and they will use Hipkins to their best advantage. 

How will National win the next election, and get Luxon as PM??? The only way will be is if Labour loses. Luxon won’t win on his parties ideas, their policies, nor his so called business acumen, from his “Air NZ” days. 

All we say is what a shambles NZ is now facing. 

Maybe its time for Luxon to go. 

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