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Who Will Put the Water on the Law Societies Wet Bus Tickets?

Are Legal Fraternity Wet Bus Tickets To Be a Thing Of The Past?
The Law Society is a bit of a JOKE. Pure and simple. All designed to make the issues of scumbag lawyers go away. Its much like the REAA who deal with the dirty real estate agents. 
Who polices the pretend lawyers who sit in interviews saying they are lawyers when they are not, and its audio recorded, but the NZ Law Society does nothing? (This site holds the transcripts) Who wants an imposter in the ranks? If the Law Society had a genuine interest in the legal profession they would make sure these types of people don’t operate. It would protect its members and the public. What’s even more concerning is the “pretend” lawyer made this brazen claim under the nose of a real lawyer. That lawyer is Brent Norling
As readers know Marc Spring is a successful lay litigant, he steps into the legal minefield searching for the truth, and judgements. He has plenty of judgements in his favour, and that includes the Family Court, the District Court, the High Court and Court of Appeal, as well as costs awards as a self represented person. Those cost awards set legal precedent in one case. One High Court judgement is 6 figures, but money has never been his driving force.  
But this story is not about Spring – its about the joke called self regulation. It’s an NZ phenomonem. 
Spring knows some of the very best lawyers in town, he says they are the very best in their field, but they are let down by supposed peers. 
Years have gone by with a legal compliant “self regulation” model … how is that a system that works! Its usually ass covering at best, but from time to time a real dirt bag gets what is due, but it’s seldom the case. Often the unsuspecting public have no idea.
Yesterdays media story that has been circulated is that the “once in a generation review” is what needs to happen, and is under way. (Wet bus tickets coming?)
Let’s be honest, no lawyer worth his or her salt will mind the review, as if you are operating inside the rules, what do you have to worry about right ? 
The answer to the above question is probably not, but as Spring says “it’s a step in the right direction”. 
This site recently published a story about a dirty lawyer, Ronald Bruce Johnson, who enabled the theft of funds from a dead man. What sort of lawyer allows that? Yet to date no criminal charges have been laid. But they should be!
Time will tell if the legal industry gets a new revamped law society of sorts. In the meantime its the bad eggs who tarnish the rest of the legal profession. 
On January 13th, 2023 this site published a story about self governing bodies and what’s being going on with cover ups, and mates taking care of mates. 
Let’s hope the “once in a generation” clean out makes a real difference and other industries that “self govern” will undertake a similar review and become much more accountable.
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