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Is the Labour Government Rolling Out a Big Con?

It Is All Going To Be Known Soon…
The last few days politically have frankly been an eye opener on what goes on in New Zealand.
The political polls last night pretty much confirmed the electorate stupidity. 
After five and bit years of “Jacindamania” we now see one of the key architects of her “plan” and one of her most valued sycophants, the current PM, Chris Hipkins, now “BONFIRE” whats been going on. Billions up in smoke. 
The current govt has pissed away billions, which has now just swamped NZ in debt, all chasing the dream of Jacinda. The economy is struggling, companies are being liquidated, and mass redundancies are just around the corner. 
Hipkins change in direction is in our view a con, he is a fugazi.
If any sane person in this country believes that Hipkins, after 5 years of peddling the bullshit thats been going on, has shelved what he has been a part of, they need to find a mirror and take long look. Hipkins is keeping the Jacinda dream alive. 
Lets call this what it is – a con job on the voters, to appease the masses, and spend the next 6 months pulling on the heart strings of good kiwi folk saying its all about the cost of living crisis. Buying votes with rhetoric and hand outs. 
Wake up, hello… who gave us the cost of living crisis? The old whinge of “9 years of National” no longer applies. 
The handling of Covid 19 by the current government is now in tatters, not just on the home front, but globally. Thats no conspiracy theory, its a hard and fast fact. 
Sure, we didn’t know the initial extent of the bats in the food stalls in Wuhan, or the fact its looking like it was a man-made virus that got out by accident, but the debt toll is now colossal for NZ. Yet this Labour government just kept rolling out the vaccine and the lockdowns. We were locked down over just 1 case for weeks, but now with thousands of cases still in the community, and the hospitals in disarray, its no longer a problem? 
Readers ask yourself this … if Jacinda in her role as Prime Minister of New Zealand was wrong (she was), then Jacinda Ardern cost NZ tens of billions of dollars, and that will last decades based on her nonsense dream. 
If Hipkins is to be believed (he should not be), then Arderns disgraceful expenditure on all kiwis is one of the worst ever. But how can Hipkins and Grant Robertson say otherwise as they have been an integral part of the Ardern regime. 
But as this site suspects, Hipkins is simply attempting to con the electorate to gain a 3rd term. Once the votes are counted, the current government will revert to the current “shelved” plans. The plans they say are “on ice”. 
It is by the day, becoming more and more scary what this current government is capable of, but whats more concerning is how gullible the NZ public are. We are worried about letting 16 years olds vote! 
Winston Peters is back to his best holding the current government to account with his commentary, David Seymour is building ACT, will Matt King get his Northland seat?… but where is National ??? Luxon is a woke joke in our opinion. The stalwart of the right side of the political landscape is looking like making sure NZ is doomed to a 3rd term of the status quo. That is frightening. 
National needs a new leader. How far down the National party list do we go to find someone who is not a woke joke? 
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