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Are We Going to See a Hung Parliament?

Is This Year Shaping Up To Be A Real Mess At The Polls?
What a day, Donald J. Trump is indicted in the United States of America, for… Shock horror, allegedly paying a porn star! He of course denies he had sexual relations with that women, and he also denies he paid her $130,000 of his money. Since when has a porn star ever been quiet!
Then down here in little old New Zealand, the WORST Prime Minister we have ever had gets to spout out her valedictory speech in Parliament today. After the nonsense Jacinda Ardern allowed under her leadership, if you can call it that, we can just imagine the drivel that she will spew fourth for her last time today in the chamber. I wonder if she ever heard of the term ‘go quietly’.
The great Maggie Thatcher quipped “the problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money”… that sums up Ardern’s pissing away of money perfectly. 
Now back to the looming election and a point of view that’s worth considering. 
The National Party has a big problem, that’s called Christopher Luxon. Frankly he is a lame duck. Maybe we are yet to see his ‘inspirational self’, but to date he is totally uninspiring. If ever a politician was woke, then this is the guy. National have been floundering for quite some time post the John Key era, much like the Labour Party did after nine years of Comrade Helen. 
But now is not the time for floundering, as the Labour Party has hammered NZ into a position of quite likely no return. 
I read Sir Bob Jones’ column on his site where he believes that it will be a landslide win for National, and he cites one speech made recently by Luxon that he felt would give us the answers we need to lead this country. Sir Bob has been around longer than most when it comes to NZ politics, and he maybe right, but it’s hard to see that being the case with the current National Party leadership, or lack there of.
The Labour Party were looking like a real threat for term 3… that was until Marama Davidson hated on tax paying white males … the ‘White Cis male’ 
It’s our view that the Greens are severely damaged by Davison’s moronic abuse of white male Kiwis, and they will pay the price at the polls in October – that will affect the outcome for a Labour/Green coalition. 
Sadly for Stuart Nash, he became the fall guy in all of this to divert attention away from Marama Davidson. Kiri Allen should also be sacked as she to has breached the Cabinet manual, but she can fly the rainbow flag so she gets a leave pass. 
National have a different problem, but the outcome could be the same. Act are polling well, steady and strong, but you get the feeling they will stick at around 12% and they can’t go much higher. National however have the issue that they are just not getting much traction, and they feel like more of an early 30s percentage, rather than being much higher. 
That leaves the issue of both the major parties with their respective sidekicks coming up short to have enough seats in the house to govern.
Enter New Zealand First, and the Right Honourable Winston Peters. Labour has already been ruled out by Peters, over the lies he was told during the time when Ardern and her regime were in charge. 
It must not be forgotten that it was the Labour Party who gave the SFO a kick along to investigate NZF prior to the last election, which due to the case hanging large over their heads, they were pushed out of contention. As we all know NZF were cleared of any wrong doing, and it was in fact National and Labour who had the bigger issues with donations. 
And before you start on Winston this and Winston that, it was the voting public who gave NZ a second term of Jacinda, not Winston Peters. NZ First applied a nice handbrake during the first term of Labour while Janindamania was in full swing. How did the second term work out for Kiwis? Maybe a vaccination program for stupidity would have been a better idea! 
That leads us to the potential great dilemma – the acrimonious relationship between Winston Peters and David Seymour could pose the biggest issue at the next election. MMP is about mixing and matching, so it will be fascinating watching this all unfold. 
A final thought to ponder. Sources inside Labour we talk to are saying the should Labour regain power, we should expect to see Chris Hipkins step down, and the role of PM will be passed to Nanaia Mahuta. 
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