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When a Book Author, and MSM Like the NZ Herald Regurgitate the Lies, And Spread Deliberate Misinformation 

Over A Few Upcoming Posts This Site Will Review Other Online Stories That Are About The Whale Oil Book, And Report On The Actual, Real Facts That (Deliberately) They All Missed.
Marc Spring has been very proactive in getting to the bottom of why the main stream media (MSM) have been so hopeless in reporting the real and confirmed facts. He says “I have written to the likes of the NZ Herald, its journalists, to the top of the chain, to the Editors, and even its CEO, and then the entire Board of NZME… and its the same… just ignorance and arrogance”. Spring says ” It’s pretty obvious that burying their heads in the sand is the preferred option, which is sad really as it shows that unbiased journalism is a thing of the past in NZ”.
The $55m paid by the Labour government during Covid made sure that NZ has a very biased and censored media. If the narrative does not suit, then it’s not reported. 
Now back to the MSMs concerning reporting of the content of the Whale Oil book by the NZ Herald… The NZ Herald states “eventually Blomfield was cleared of any wrong doing and Slater lost a High Court defamation case”. NOT TRUE. Matthew Blomfield took his claim against Slater in 2012, and so far there is NO judgement in Blomfield’s case giving him the win. That case is still to be heard in September 2023. The High Court has also appointed Willy Akel, a defamation specialist as Amicus to oversee the case and examine Blomfield. We have to wonder why its taking so long for anyone to prove their innocence? After all Blomfield is the one who keeps saying none of the Whale Oil stories are not true, so why not get on with the case and prove it? Who fucks around around for 11 years trying to clear their own name? As we know Spring has won 2 defamation cases – he says “it’s easy, if you have evidence, you file, get a hearing and a trial and the Judge makes his decision… who waits over a decade to try and clear their name?” 
So, why did the NZ Herald lie? Where did the NZ Herald get this information from to confirm the story?
The NZ Herald states “the book further recorded testimony from an associate of Slater’s in which a gang member was asked how much it would cost to “finish Matt off. The sum quoted, according to the book was $5000.00″. NOT TRUE. The NZ Police have confirmed to Spring that no such audio recording exists, and there is no evidence of any sort of plan. This site also uncovered the real reason why Blomfield received his late night call as previously reported on Feb 6th, 2023 
So, Why did the NZ Herald lie? Where did the NZ Herald get this information from to confirm the story? 
The NZ Herald states “according to the book Blomfield received odd and frightening text messages” FROM WHO? The files we have seen and obtained from the NZ Police show Blomfield was sent messages from a UK Skype service account, based in the UK, and that Blomfield agreed that none of them were threatening. This site is quite happy to confirm that ex Hell Pizza boss, Warren Powell was in the UK at the time, and he has had significant issues with Blomfield. Readers only have to refer to the story we published on December 8th, 2022 to see why Warren Powell left NZ, as the threatening text message by Matthew Blomfield states exactly what had happened. 
SO, Why did the NZ herald lie? Where did the NZ Herald get this information from to confirm the story? 
The NZ Herald states “including claims that after he (Blomfield) launched his seven year defamation action (now 11 years and still going) his computer was hacked and Slater approached one of his (Blomfield’s) daughters over social media” NOT TRUE. This is simply a lie, and a fabrication. Most likely concocted in our view by Blomfield, and used by author Margie Thomson. Where is the Police complaint? What Snap Chat account? There was no evidence supplied in the 4996 discovery documents Spring obtained when he successfully sued the author and publishers of the Whale Oil book. 
This site yesterday, on 8 April, 2023 wrote to author Margie Thomson, and the book’s lawyer, Steven Price, asking for copies of the evidence they used to make this most horrific allegation about the Snap Chat account in the Whale Oil book. As usual we have not had a reply. It’s again quite clear that no evidence exists. 
So, Why did the NZ Herald lie? Where did the NZ Herald get this information from to confirm the story? 
To finish off lets look at a few quotes from the NZ Police with regard to the above mentioned matters – they can be found in one of the many NZ Police Report Forms obtained by Spring via the OIA & Privacy Act request. 
On 29.08.2012 a Constable from the NZ Police filed his Report Form and the quotes are as follows:
“BLOMFIELD has stated that the text messages originate from the United Kingdom Skype internet domain. The messages do not contain much substance and are not limited to BLOMFIELD and his partner… Accordingly due to the contents of these messages and the originating sender location, little investigation into these has been undertaken. BLOMFIELD has been informed of the Police action regarding the threatening messages and he has not expressed any further concerns or mentioned these messages since the reactivation of this file” AND “ It appears BLOMFIELD has many business enemies and the result of those previous relationships is not of concern for Police” AND “There are no criminal offences disclosed and I see no investigative benefit in pursuing any persons who have a had a role in the demise of BLOMFIELD” 
We can confirm that Spring was in NZ at the time these messages were sent so why did Margie Thomson attribute these to Spring? And how did lawyer, Steven Price sign off on this part of the book? 
On 22.12.2014 a Detective Sergeant from the NZ Police filed a further Report Form stating:
“No further action be taken” AND “As previously stated Mr BLOMFIELD has been advised of this verbally by myself and a letter has been sent to him detailing this” 
Given the extracts from 2 separate NZ Police Officers, then where did the book’s author, Margie Thomson get her evidence from? And exactly what documents did lawyer, Steven Price refer to when he was busy evaluating the Whale Oil books supposed evidence? 
We say it’s pretty obvious… there was no evidence what so ever. 
This site holds over 765 pages from the NZ Police, and no less than four NZ Police officers say that no offences have been committed against Blomfield. 
So, once again we have to ask the question – where did the evidence come from to make sure the Whale Oil book was true? Margie Thomson clearly as no idea, and lawyer Steven Price also has no idea. 
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