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As we all know a lot of what’s in the media is frankly just a load crap. Biased one sided, poorly investigated rubbish. Remember Jacinda and her ‘podium of truth’? 
The term ‘repeater’ is one that is often used to describe what we used to call someone who was a ‘reporter’.
Our recent story exposing the lies and ‘repeater’ behaviour at the NZ Herald is a very good example. 
Have a look below at where your tax payer funds were spent … to prop up ailing businesses, and in our view, buy the narrative thats needed by this current government. 
When we look back on the NZ Herald coverage of the Whale Oil book for example, Spring says “I provided the NZ Herald with not some woe is me hearsay cry baby bullshit, but multiple emails with proper real evidence, Police documents, unequivocal evidence that showed the stories they were writing are factually wrong, yet the stories ran any way – what sort of mainstream media do we have in this country?” 
The main stream media for the most part in NZ is dead. It’s like days of our lives. 
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