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Just How Ruined Is New Zealand?

The Much Publicised Excuse Of “9 Years Of National” Must Now Surely Be A Thing Of The Past.
The past five plus years of a Labour Party with a billion dollars a year going out in ‘consultant fees’ says it all. Utter incompetence. 
How f**ked is NZ? Really f**ked is our view. 
We think New Zealand could quite likely have been pushed to a point of NO return. Now a third world nation, saddled with debt and about to see mass unemployment. 
When, ever, was it OK for a government anywhere to say that unemployment was the way to deal with inflation! 
That will see family violence, mental health issues and further child poverty go through the roof. So much for productivity to keep the economy going. 
Let’s not forget that ‘child poverty’ is one of Jacinda’s BIG fails. The worst PM ever has left a terrible legacy of failure. Unemployment will only exacerbate the child poverty problem. 
The current PM is no better, as a quick look at the portfolios he has held are a total mess, Education, Police, Health. 
Grant Robertson could not have a done a worse job if he tried with the Finance portfolio. Quite clearly pissing away tens of billions was a thrill for him, that has delivered zero for the country. His legacy will be massive debt and mass unemployment. 
The Covid response in the end has become a global joke, with ridiculous lockdowns over just 1 person contracting a new variant, yet now there are thousands of people a week still testing positive. The best this government can do is say “oh imagine what would have happened if National was in power”… If only we had that chance to see what their response would have been, rather than a science project on keeping people at home for no good reason. 
NZ is now in total state of disarray. 
As we head to the final nail in the coffin so speak off the back of gross mismanagement of the countries finances, with inflation and the cost of living still out of hand, the brainwave of this Labour government is that we need to see much bigger unemployment. 
The jails are already full, at peak capacity, and rising unemployment will only see these numbers swelling in the not to distant future. 
A quick glance at the consultant fees going out can only mean one thing – the current government have no idea what so ever as to what is required to run this country. What’s worse is the advice the consultants are giving quite clearly is assisting in taking NZ well into territory we should not be going to. 
As pool of talent gets shallower for those who are capable to run the county, whats coming is really quite scary. The current crop of so called MP’s are a joke. 
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