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The Real Media Rules Apply at This Site

MSM Might Not Play By The Rules But We Do.
What rules you ask? Simple, we write to people asking for comment, and offering a right of reply. This site is always open to receiving evidence that we can verify so to correct any point we may have got wrong. To date not a single aspect of what we have written has been pointed out as wrong. That’s no surprise, of course, as we investigate fully prior to telling the truth. 
Why? That is the right thing to do. That’s what an unbiased media in this country should be doing. 
To date, nobody has offered any evidence, nobody has replied with a statement for us to publish. 
Why? They know what we publish is the truth. 
Readers might wonder where our information comes from? Pretty simple… it comes from Privacy Act requests, Official Information Act requests, NZ Police responses to our requests, the Companies Office, various legal sites that publish Court judgements, face to face interviews with witnesses, s82 Police witness statements, and court filed affidavits. 
From time to time we get ’tips’ that we follow up, investigate, and then report on if the information is credible and can be proved by verified documents. 
Marc Spring is also very well connected across so many sectors of NZ life. He found out about the real reason Ned Paraha visited Blomfield at his home. Yet the NZ Herald could not? 
We just investigate the truth. The real facts, verify, then publish. 
Has this site received a legal letter yet? No we have not. If we do, we will publish it in its entirety and outline the evidence, and our legal reply. 
But we can say that we don’t expect any ‘legal letters soon’ as why would we! 
What’s quite apparent in this country is that various media outlets, like the NZ Herald have an agenda they run. When challenged they don’t like it.
Spring has provided the NZ Herald with plenty of documents, and they simply ignore them. Spring says “I am not deterred by any of this, as for the most part these so called main stream media services are pretty pathetic blow asses that needed the current government to fill them full of cash during Covid to keep them alive”. Soon we will publish the emails sent to the NZ Herald, and the likes of its now Editor at Large, Shayne Currie, his now boss Murray Kirkness, and of course we sent plenty of material to Senior Reporter, David Fisher. 
Buckle up… its going to be a great ride. 
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