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Buying the Gullible in NZ

The Labour Govt And It’s Covid Nonsense Advertising.
A recent Official Information Act request has had some data around the Governments Covid 19 advertising expenditure revealed.
Frankly it’s a staggering – $116,000,000.00 of tax payers money.
Over the period it works out at around $4,000,000.00 per month. 
It’s pretty obvious to see that if the media outlets wanted their part of the tax payer funded pie, they had to fall into line and pump out the Labour governments nonsense.
Some refer to it as propaganda.
Readers will know this site previously posted some numbers on spend with certain media outlets … but this new number is quite staggering.
It begs the question – would some of these so called ‘media companies’ have made it through the tough economic times without this massive influx of tax payer funding?
How many of these media companies are actually insolvent?
What percentage of the advertising revenue was the NZ tax payer during this period?
Any publicly listed entity in the media space in NZ should be made to report the exact value of the government funds and support they received, and then allow shareholders to see how that affects the overall financial position on the company.
NZME comes to mind.
There are plenty of other industries who would have loved a $116m cash input which is never due to be paid back… but we have to ask what influence that bought inside the NZ media space.
The bulk of the NZ media is biased and conflicted when taking these types of funds.
It’s time to defund the NZ media. 
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