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Insurer Investigation Underway into the Whale Oil Book

Using Insurance For Purposes Outside The T&Cs is Illegal
A complaint has been laid by Marc Spring with AIG Insurance. They are the insurance firm that has policy cover with either or both of the Whale Oil book‘s author Margie Thomson,  and publishers Potton and Burton.
It was not easy to locate who the exact insurer was as Wynn Williams, the lawyers handling these matters for the author and publishers refused to disclose who the insurer was.
Well, as they say, where there is a will, there is a way! Spring simply did a Privacy Act request of every insurer in NZ to see where his name might pop up… Cunning really. 
AIG eventually replied saying they had the legal file, but would not disclose what was in it – however that was more than enough, as we now know who the poor suckers are that insured the Whale Oil book. 
The fraud investigator at AIG has made contact with Spring, as they take fraud very seriously. With substantial payouts and legal fees being spent, AIG should most definitely have cause for concern. 
Let’s see what the outcome of the investigation is – we will update our readers as soon as we know more. 
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