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How Did Margie Thomson Get It All So Wrong?

Book Reviewers Don't Make For Good Investigative Journalists
It takes a certain type of person to go deep, and to get to the truth. Marc Spring is that person… Margie Thomson sadly is not. 
This site has had so many emails, and calls asking us how Margie Thomson got it so wrong, and what was her agenda. 
The answer to get to Margie’s agenda, is we just don’t know. You can hypothesis all you like… money, fame, or just someones pathetic lackey. Margie Thomson does not reply to emails. 
We know the book was a failure as it sold near on nothing. 
What we do know is that AIG is investigating the payouts its had to make on the insurance policy – well into 6 figures now with settlements and legal costs. It may even be 7 figures with the bills from Wynn Williams, and the KC, Bruce Gray on the pay roll.
Spring says “I have had emails sent to me from Wynn Williams with no less than 4 lawyers, plus a KC… imagine the cost!” 
Wellington based lawyer, and University lecturer Steven Price has a lot to answer for – he is the guy who “line by line” checked the book for its facts, What we do know is that Price clearly did nothing of the sort, as if he did, the book would not exist. 
So why would Price stake his career and credibility to all this? We will probably never know as he never responds to emails. We have emailed Price on multiple occasions and his last reply was on 18/02/22 saying “Dear Mr Spring, I will not be replying to any of your communications” 
Speaking of Price, and what he checked, lets take a look at what ex Police Detective Hayden Mander had to say in response to an email from Marc Spring … 

1. Have you read the Whale Oil book?  No – I haven’t read the book

2. Did the author, publisher or Blomfield ask for your permission to be quoted / included in the book? No – I was not asked permission.  Blomfield had advised me that a book was being written but I was never asked to be quoted and didn’t know I would feature.

3. When you met Blomfield were you aware that you were being recorded? (The audio appears in the discovery file from the defendants) No – I was not informed or asked if it was okay.  It was covertly recorded as there were no obvious recording devices placed in front of me.

4. What messages did you provide to Blomfield, and or the author and publishers that were from the Police investigation? This is a long time ago – so I cannot be absolute – but I don’t recall giving anything to Blomfield other than sending him letters updating him on the progress of his complaint.  I had no contact with the author or publishers.  I would suggest that if Police advise there are no messages – then I would not have given him any – as they do not exist.  From memory – I do not recall there being any messages.  Is there reference to them in Blomfield’s covert audio of our conversation?

5. The reason for my concern, and I am sure you can appreciate this, is that that book states that you had seen messages between myself and Cameron Slater that purport to be arranging the alleged hit on Blomfield at his home.  I don’t believe so – but I haven’t read the book

So here is the reply to Springs questions to Hayden Mander, who as most will know was a very well respected NZ Police officer. 
So where did Margie Thomson get her information from? (No copies of messages were provided in discovery when Spring sued). The NZ Police said in a Privacy Act request reply to Spring the messages DO NOT exist. 
What was the information “line by line” that Steven Price checked? What was Margie Thomson relying on when she authored the book? 
What we do know is that the NZ Police, and rightfully so, would be acting on these alleged messages… but they just DO NOT exist. 
If anyone has copies of the messages please get in touch. We doubt we will be hearing from any one soon. 
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