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As They Say Crime Pays

The Crime Wave Continues In NZ

From Winston Peters 

Having heard all sorts of assurances from this ‘I see nothing’ government about crime in our country, how long is it going to take for them to admit to what so many of us are seeing and experiencing every single day on our streets?
So many young people are committing these  crimes and if nothing is done they will continue to grow up to be hardened older criminals. 
Do we need to identify and solve their social issues before they commit crimes? Yes. 
But this government needs to stop ignoring the plain facts most of us already know – the need to teach them that their actions will be met with serious consequences. The ‘hug and mug of milo’ mantra isn’t working.   
It’s not rocket science.
Once again you just can’t fault what Winston Peter’s has to say on crime. 
Labour seems to happy to let NZ be terrorised on a daily basis, while National continue to struggle in the polls to get any traction on anything meaningful. 
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