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Knock knock… who’s there? Marcspring.Com that’s who !

This Site Has Been Very Proactive In Contacting People For Information, For Their Side Of The Story. You Know, For Them To Justify Their Lies.
It’s probably worth noting that when we put these stories together we are relying for the most part on Police files obtained under the Privacy Act and the Official Information Act, but we also regularly make email contact with people we are referring to in stories. That’s how the media do it (or are supposed to do it), so we follow those same rules, but not the ’supposed’ part – we actually do it. 
Here is a list of who we have contacted, and we are yet to hear back from them… always remember we are open to hearing your side of the story, and publishing replies. After all its the truth we want.
The list of those who have not replied is as follows – 
Margie Thomson (Author)
Robbie Burton (Publisher)
Craig Potton (Publisher)
Potton and Burton Publishers (Publishers)
Sir Ralph Norris (Businessman)
Steven Price (Lawyer, Law Lecturer, Defamation Expert)
Victoria University (Wellington)
Chancellor of Victoria University (Steven Prices boss)
NZ Herald (Major MSM Daily)
Felix Geiringer (Barrister)
Bruce Johnson (Banned Lawyer) 
Radio New Zealand (RNZ)
Newsroom (Media Outlet) 
Pete George (Ex Blogger who took his site down)
Jessie Mulligan (RNZ Jock) 
Shayne Currie (Ex Editor at NZ Herald) 
Craig Mason (aka Roman Williams with a $170k judgement against him)
Gary Periam (Disgraced Car Dealer)
And that list does include the various government departments and Ministers we have reported on, including the worst PM in NZ’s history, Jacinda Ardern, and nor have we heard yet from the current PM, Chris Hipkins. 
The list above of those hiding, and ignoring us is not surprising at all… we caught you all out. 
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