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Are NZ First Our Saviours?

It's A Trying Time For NZ, Will Winston & Shane Make The Difference?
Tomorrow night will be MOST interesting as the NZ First campaign is about to kick off.
Following Winston Peters on social media has been both interesting, and fruitful.
Will NZF make it to be king makers? 
Tomorrow night our man on the ground, Marc Spring will see exactly what Shane Jones has to say, and he will report back to us all with what NZF is planning, and has to say. 
The political landscape is shaping up to be the most interesting its ever been.
Spring says “I know that some very wealthy National Party donors have now started supporting NZF” … “Its no surprise” Spring says. 
Its also time to stop the bullshit that Winston gave us Jacinda Ardern – the second term of Labour was purely voter based, nothing more. 
The Nats are shit, lightweight, and pathetic. 
Let the fun begin!
Spring will get us all the information we need tomorrow night, and he will keep voters up to date on what NZF has in store should they be in the next government. 
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