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What Is Wrong with Victoria University?

There Are Some Strange Ways Wellington University Conducts Itself Concerning Its Law Lecturers.
This story is directed at one particular self professed media expert, and a self proclaimed defamation expert in the media space… well according to Steven Price‘s website any way. See below.

A quote… 

I’m a barrister specialising in media law, practising in Wellington.

You might have heard me commenting on legal issues in the media. You probably thought to yourself, “what a wise and reasonable fellow”. Many, many people say that to me.

We are keen to hear from Mr Price who the ‘many many people are’, and exactly what area he claims he actually specialises in. Price is on record in the Whale Oil book talking about the law being broken, yet he openly uses and abuses the law for his own nefarious practises. 

What is very concerning is the way in which Price conducts himself outside of his University hours. 
We wrote to the Chancellor to challenge him on Prices conduct as a lawyer, and the first reply was that it was not his concern, then when followed up on several occasions the Chancellor simply ignored our requests for answers.
This site would contend that Price is unfit to teach law to the aspiring young lawyers of tomorrow, and with his own website saying he is an expert in defamation law, we want to know why he actively participates in promoting, and approving defamatory material.
We would say that Price is in fact quite happy to destroy peoples lives by being involved with such publications as the Whale Oil book. 
If you are new to this site, Steven Price is the lawyer who ‘line by line’ checked and approved the Whale Oil book – as many now know, the insurers have paid out significant settlements to multiple parties, and footed huge legal bills.
So just how good is Steven Price at his job as a lawyer in the field of defamation? The settlements say it all in our opinion. 
As recently as Wednesday this week, RNZ reported that Victoria University was looking to sack upwards of 260 staff as the financial deficit at the University is becoming a real problem – yet the Chancellor wont take up legitimate, and very serious concerns over the conduct of a lecturer in the faculty of law. 
All we can say is how embarrassing for Steven Price, as he has been named as the lawyer who ‘line by line’ checked the Whale Oil book, and the book simply turned into a financial and reputational disaster for all who were part of it. But its not lost on us that Price is a leftie who has close ties to Nicky Hagar. 
To quote Steven Price “what a wise and reasonable fellow” – nothing could be further from the truth. Perhaps he is being defamatory of all us reasonable fellows. 
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