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Is Margie Thomson a Liar Who Deliberately Misrepresents the Truth?

Or Is Lawyer, Steven Price Negligent, Or Incompetent, Or Both?
You know its quite fascinating navigating through the total bullshit Matthew Blomfield story that author, Margie Thomson decided to write. A book like this should have been written post a defamation trial, not before, or during. 
We know that the publishers, Potton & Burton are left leaning, and frankly a bit of a joke.
How do we know that Potton & Burton are left leaning? Nicky Hager is the answer. 
For those of you who are not au fait with Nicky Hagar, he’s the guy who quite happily took stolen hacked material and wrote a ‘hit piece’ book called Dirty Politics. (We know that nothing from Blomfield was ever stolen as the NZ Police said so) 
When you start to look at the Whale Oil book contributors and players, author Margie Thomson, publishers Potton and Burton, lawyer and Wellington University law lecturer Steven Price, and Whale Oil book front cover quotester Nicky Hager, it all starts to look embarrassingly familiar… a band of low rent lefties. 
So that leaves a rather perplexing question – how did capitalist bankrupt and extended banned director, Matthew Blomfield end up in their clutches???
Spring says “I know Blomfield well enough to know he loves money and what it means, he’s a car guy too, and he has always been keen to make a buck – nothing wrong with that as long as its done legally” 
Was there a hidden agenda in the Whale Oil book? We are not conspiracy theorists so we can only speculate, but there appears to be some, shall we say, strange bed fellows in all this. 
But here is what we do know so far…
Nicky Hager claimed the book was meticulously researched when it was not. Why would he make such a claim? 
Nicky Hager, based on his books to date, is no fan of the National Party.
Matthew Blomfield met with Nicky Hager, and we know from emails we have seen that Hager was the catalyst for the Whale Oil book.
Publishers Potton & Burton have published several of Nicky Hager’s books, and we already have written about how Potton &  Burton work with Nicky Hager.
We know that three claims have been taken against the Whale Oil book publishers and author, and all three have been settled ahead of any trial.
We know that Steven Price ‘line by line’ checked the Whale Oil book and gave the go ahead as, firstly the Radio NZ interview with Blomfield says he did, and secondly to date, Price has not replied denying he did just that. 
We know lawyer, Steven Price is incompetent as if he was not, then he would have advised against the publication of the book. 
We know lawyer, Steven Price is negligent, as if he was not, then he would have made sure that his involvement met the standards of the 2008 Lawyers and Conveyancers Act at a minimum. 
If Steven Price was at all competent in his role in production of the Whale Oil book, then AIG Insurance would not have been making any payouts, nor spending significant sums on legal fees to defend what was signed off ‘line by line’ by Price.
We know Victoria University (where Steven Price is a law lecturer) and its Chancellor are currently ignoring our requests for information. 
So it begs the question… what was the point of the Whale Oil book?, and why did a negligent and incompetent lawyer team up with an author who had done no meticulous research, but they still collaborated anyway to create a book that was a sales flop, and saw their insurers wear the brunt of their shoddy workmanship?
Let’s hope Victoria University do the right thing and move to sack Steven Price so the University does not suffer the same ignominy that Margie Thomson, Potton & Burton and Steven Price have suffered. 
More to come on all of this! 
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