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So How about That Meticulous Research ??!!

We Know From The Front Cover Of The Whale Oil Book That The ‘Claim’ Was Meticulous Research, But The Evidence Proves Otherwise
Below is a copy of an email that Marc Spring sent to author, Margie Thomson, and lawyer (supposed media law specialist), and Victoria University law lecturer, Steven Price. It probably comes as no surprise that neither of these 2 have yet to respond. 
In fact, despite the overwhelming evidence that was filed in three separate claims against the Whale Oil book, along with a fourth further recently settled claim against an individual who for some reason decided to provide some rather unintelligent and dodgy information that the author, Margie Thomson decided to rely upon, all the email requests seeking clarification and copies of evidence have always been ignored.
The answer of course as to why there is no reply is a very simple one … NO EVIDENCE EXISTS. And it never did, and it never will. 
So how did Margie Thomson get it so wrong?
David Fisher from the NZ Herald certainly got it very wrong. 
Spring says “its all a bit laughable really, the sheer incompetence of all these so called journalists, and not to forget that complete clown of lawyer, Steven Price”… “maybe one day this lot will actually respond and enter into some constructive dialogue, but I won’t be holding my breath for that to happen anytime soon, so in the meantime, for years to come, I will just keep dissecting this rather pathetic book”
Spring went on to say “these guys need to put up or shut up, but we know they can’t, as if they could, that evidence would have been filed in the statement of defence” 
Sadly the court filings by both the author and publishers were woefully inadequate in terms of providing any actual evidence, so for the NZ Herald to quote Matthew Blomfield saying the Whale Oil book is his right of reply is just a mystery. But perhaps that’s why the Blomfield V Slater defamation case is still winding on some 11 years later. 
Let’s hope Margie Thomson and, or, Steve Price reply to our emails. After all giving everyone the right of reply is only fair… that’s not something Margie Thomson did for anyone. As Spring said “I had over 750 pages directly from the NZ Police that Margie could have referred to, and investigated, which would have led her to a very different conclusion, and most likely the realisation that there was no book in this story, but I guess she was not looking for evidence, and she certainly did no meticulous research” 
From: Marc Spring 
Subject: A further story thats coming up
Date: 24 May 2023 at 12:16:19 PM NZST
To: Margie Thomson, Steven Price

Dear Margie,

I will refer you to a story by David Fisher in the NZ Herald that he authored on 28 May 2019 at 6pm – you will have no doubt read it before so you will know the story I am referring to. 
In particular I will refer you to a couple of lines in that article if I can, as I am very keen to hear your thoughts. 
It says “Blomfield didn’t write the book but co-operated completely with author Margie Thomson”. The book is my right of reply” he says (Blomfield) “Ultimately, my only recourse has been to tell my story” 
Now I am sure you will agree that that statement is quiet a extraordinary given the circumstances of what has transpired post the book being lauched, and given the overwhelming evidence for instance that I presented in my claim against you. 
Do you regret now not doing the meticulous research you claimed to have done?
Do you feel that you were lied to?
Or is it more case that you knew you were participating in providing a lie (Whale Oil book) to deceive and mislead the High Court? Or perhaps a leftist political agenda? 
Or is it that, to the best of your abilities, you wrote the book, and you then relied upon the likes of defamation expert, Steve Price, to ‘line by line’ check what you were claiming?
Did Steven Price provide you with a signed declaration and, or consent that he had in fact verified the evidence? If so can you please provide it? 
A right of reply, as with any type of media organisation is one that must be adhered to at all times (unlike you have done to me), so I will always be happy to publish anything you have to say. 
I look forward to hearing back from you by 4pm Friday 26th May 2023 – that way I can refer to any reply you make in my upcoming story on this particular part of the Whale Oil book coverage. 
In the meantime keep an eye out for the next story about Steven Price which I am just finishing off. 
Kind regards,

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