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12 Times Wood Was Told to Cash Up His Shares

Yet Another Farce By A Labour Minister
Check out the table below – it says it all.
MPJohn KeyMichael Wood
CompanyTranzrailAuckland Airport
Shares value$100,000 approx$13,000
Est % of wealth0.2%2%+
Owned byFamily trust not managed by KeyWood directly
Breached standing ordersNoYes
Breached Cabinet ManualNoYes
Alleged conflicted actionAsked questions in ParliamentDeclined authority status to a competitor
RoleAssociate Opposition Transport spokespersonMinister of Transport
Sales of sharesDone within 12 months of being an MP for a loss of over $100,000Not done despite six twelve reminders from Cabinet office 
Hipkins is again caught on the hop by one of his incompetent Ministers. 
It’s pretty simple. Hipkins should sack Michael Wood if he won’t resign.
Once again the MSM should be ashamed of its half ass reporting of all of this when they left out the facts about Woods wife and her position on Auckland City Council.
Woods wife should resign as well. 
Stuart Nash got the ass for saying what we were all thinking.
They say 9 years of National … just wait until the end of 6 years of Labour ! 
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