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The Cost of Food and Living Crisis

Big Result For The Golden Arches
Good to see Maccas are helping out with fighting obesity in NZ… but there is more to this – the cost of living and cost of food crisis is to blame. Not Maccas. 
People have to eat and the budget each pay cheque only goes so far. 
This current Labour government has made so many things in NZ unaffordable by the disgraceful way in which they have run this country over the last 2 terms of government. 
It’s a sad state of affairs when a fast food chain offers a cheaper way to eat. 
As NZ battles child poverty, cost of living, rampaging inflation, cost of food, escalating health issues, and obesity, it’s once again quite clear that this current Labour gaggle of incompetents have lost sight of what matters, and NZ will continue down a path where the effects of the last 5 years will haunt us for decades to come. 
Fast food franchise chain McDonald’s Restaurants New Zealand has reported a 30% increase in net profit to $95.2 million for the year to December 2022. Revenue for the year was up 21% to $305m. The company paid a dividend to its US owner of $30m. According to the company’s website about 80% of McDonald’s outlets in New Zealand are franchised. The financial statements report licence fees for the year totalled $49.4m while revenue from the sale of goods was $137.2m. Trademark fees payable to McDonald’s Asia Pacific were $33.8m.
So much for making sure kids and families are well fed. 
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