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The Green Party Is More about Tax than about Saving the Planet

By Stealth The Greens Will Take As Much As They Can In Tax
There are many great reasons to NOT vote Green, and their tax polices are the best reason to NOT vote Green.
Last week the Greens put forward what they think should be the tax policy for NZ, and frankly its one of the most radical changes that we would ever see to how kiwis are to be taxed. Its once again further proof that the Greens are in fact a hardcore left party.
We all know that asset taxes have been floated before, but with some finer details now released we know exactly what the Greens want… it should NOT be what the voters of NZ want. 
The Greens proposed tax would hit, and hurt, far more families than the media would have you believe. 
Once again you have to query the agenda being run by most of the MSM in NZ. 
As much as NZ hates Jacinda Ardern, she did at least rule out this tax concept from the Greens, but Chris Hipkins is entertaining this radical tax grab. 
Don’t be fooled by Hipkins, he is nothing like he makes out he is. 
This will simply be a recipe for a poorer NZ.
The Greens keep banging on about ending poverty, but as anyone with a half a brain knows, you cant tax your way to prosperity. 
You only need to look at Norway and France to see that increasing wealth taxes drives the wealthy from the country. Anyone paying enough tax will simply leave NZ to avoid paying more tax. 
Will current PM, Chris Hipkins rule all of this out? We know that Labour will need both the Maori Party and the Greens to achieve a 3rd term – should Hipkins not say no, then all kiwis should be VERY worried about where we are headed. 
It wont be long until Hipkins shows his true colours, which this kind of policy will be more about the continued destruction of NZ, rather than digging us out of the deep debt hole that the current Labour government has dug for us. 
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