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Michael Wood – The Idiot

Typical Labour Loser
What’s unfolded with Michael Wood is not really surprising.
We know he is a liar, and a shifty prick.
The election poll earlier this week, if to be believed, shows just how stupid so many kiwis are – watching it unfold is just embarrassing.
Wood, one of the PMs ‘go to guys’ has proven that not only is he utterly incompetent, he is also a liar.
NZ should be looking on with real concern that the likes of Wood are helping with running this country… running NZ into the ground. 
Quite clearly Michael Wood thinks he is above the process of providing a list of his assets, which in turn lead to issues around his never ending array of conflicts of interest.
Chris Hipkins can be dismayed all he likes, the fact remains that Wood has been lying to the NZ public, lying to Cabinet, and lying on his disclosure for pecuniary interests.
Hipkins has the audacity to say that Wood is a talented Minister… talented at what? 
If this type of behaviour sees the voting public still think that the next government should be a Labour government, then NZ is in DEEP shit. 
Woods apology is worthless – he stood there and said sorry over the Airport shares, all the while knowing he was holding on to various other shares in his portfolio. 
Woods is typical of most politicians, in particular the left – he was all about self interest. 
The portfolio, if that what you call it – does that make him a rich prick? More like a dumb prick! 
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