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As Crime, And Safety Falls Apart, Will People Start Taking The Law Into Their Own Hands?

Crime is on the rise, peoples safety is in demise. 
Will that see a rise in people taking the law into their own hands? We think so. 
Luckily in the case we are about to showcase, a hand will be forever a finger short. 
They say pictures are worth a thousand words… In this case, the images, whilst rather confronting, are worth thousands of words. 
This site has obtained images that show the horrific attack on a farmer at his remote rural home.
You may ask why we are publishing? Simple – the NZ public need to see these images, and know what went on. 
The farmer was smashed in the face by a bottle, and the attacker in the end lost a finger. The offender in our view was lucky to just lose a finger. 
It was not the first time this unlucky farmer had to deal with this offender, but this time around the farmer had had enough. 
Now this story is widely known, and reported, so you might ask why this site is revisiting it… simple – to publish the images. 
But the images are just one part of the horrific activity of some scumbag – it should serve as warning to all of NZ, the Police, and the Judiciary, that ‘Vigilantism’ is about to be on the rise in NZ. 
The photos don’t do the situation justice… imagine being in this situation? 
Fortunately the farmer and his son were successful in the Courts and acquitted… you cant blame the NZ Police for prosecuting the case, as they had to – but as they say JUSTICE PREVAILED. 
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