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Just Another Failure – What Have NZ Universities Become?

Kids want to learn, and get a piece of paper that leads to being better paid, and a brighter future - well thats the theory anyway.
So whats really going at some of NZ’s Universities you ask? 
Cash flow crisis for sure! 
But its much deeper than that – clearly those running the Universities have changed tack on running it like a business. 
Once again today the Labour government went on a ‘vote buying’ spree, pissing away another $128M buying the votes of students and University workers. 
Just another day of bail outs – one of the Labour parties favourite pass times. 
How about investing some cash in the kids? 
This site currently has a series of questions that require answers from Victoria University in Wellington – those have been requested via an OIA request of the Chancellor and they are due back by 29 June 2023. We will be communicating those answers in a post later this week (should the Chancellor respond in the required timeframe). 
To date the Chancellor has avoided replying to us, which in our view is a very good indicator that he does not want to be held to account. 
But a quick look at whats going on in the Wellington University Law Faculty is a good indicator as to the calibre of who teaches our kids. Frankly its a BIG concern.
Its our view that any Lecturer should know his or her stuff, and teach NZ’s future what it takes so they can succeed. 
Sadly we have come across a Law Lecturer who makes a lot of claims about his skill set, but as readers will know, Marc Spring has made him look all rather ordinary, and some what of a joke in the area of defamation law and media law. 
A quick recap – Steven Price is the media lawyer, and so called defamation expert who, according to Matthew Blomfield on RNZ, approved the Whale Oil book ‘line by line’, and Price ‘checked all the evidence’.
We know how that turned out… 3 settlements, tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees at insurer, AIG’s expense – and not to forget a further recent settlement connected to the Whale Oil book. 
So when you look at the quality of those teaching the kids of today, for NZ’s future, its a real concern when Lecturers are simply not up to the job. In this case its a Law Lecturer. 
Universities should be acting decisively against this type of Lecturer, and removing them from being able to teach any sort of curriculum.
It seems in the case of Wellington University, they have become some what of a political arena where some Lecturers are more interested in pushing a political agenda, rather than being about teaching the subject.
In Wellington circles its well known that Victoria University has been meddling in politics for some time.
We know that Steven Price is tied to left leaning activist, Nicky Hagar, we know that Hagar has written many books showcasing his dislike for anything on the the right of the political spectrum, we know Hagar happily received hacked and stolen material from Cameron Slater and Price was part of that legal team, and we know that Nicky Hagar wrote a ‘Forward’ for the disastrous flop of a book called Whale Oil, authored by Margie Thomson. 
Spring says “I find it gobsmacking that someone like Steven Price teaches at a place like Wellington University with such a heavy blot on his copy book – I am not a qualified lawyer, yet Price claims to be an expert! I now know why I didn’t bother going to University as there was clearly no need to – defamation law is actually pretty straight forward in my view, and my case wins highlight that fact” 
Price, who has an LLB with Honours (according to his own website) from Victoria University says he practices as a Barrister specialising in Media Law and Defamation ….. we know that Price has no idea about defamation law, as if he did, he would have never let the Whale Oil book be printed. Price even wrote a book called ‘Media Minefield’….. god help the future legal minds from Prices lecture room. 
The only conclusion on Price when it came to the Whale Oil book was it was agenda based, not fact based… a very silly strategy when taking on Spring. 
The key message we need to tell the likes of Victoria University in Wellington is EDUCATION… not INDOCTRINATION. 
*** Marc Spring is a 2 time defamation case winner, being self represented in the High Court at Auckland. 
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