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Publishers Potton & Burton Still Pushing the Lie

A phone call to Potton and Burton further proves they are still drinking from the Kool aid.
This site has recently received a copy of an audio file from a telephone call made to Potton & Burton – publishers of the thrice sued book, Whale Oil.
The interested caller wanted to obtain a copy of the Whale Oil book to see what all the fuss about, having leaned recently of all the High Court action taken against the books author and publishers. 
On asking the question – “has there been any legal action taken against the Whale oil book”, the reply was “no it’s all true”. 
Well, we know that is not to the case, as three separate Statements of Claim were filed by three separate individuals, all who had various, and different issues with the material that was written in the book.
All three claimants were successful in obtaining monetary settlements from the author Margie Thomson, and publishers Potton & Burton… well the long suffering insurance company, AIG certainly bore the brunt of the payouts that needed to be made, along with the substantial legal bills that were incurred wading through all the deliberate mistakes the author made in choosing to write a book of utter nonsense. 
Potton & Burton have of course claimed that no legal action has happened as it never saw the inside of a courtroom… that is because they opted to settle as quickly as possible so not to see the inside of a courtroom, as they knew only to well the pending reputational disaster for all those involved the Whale Oil book – those being author Margie Thomson, publishers Potton & Burton, lawyer and law lecturer Steven Price, and let’s not forget left leaning protagonist Nicky Hagar.
We are constantly writing to all these players, asking for a response, but as yet all have opted to stay silent. Given the evidence we know that Marc Spring and others gathered from the likes of the NZ Police which disproved huge chunks of the book, it’s no wonder they are opting to stay silent as they have been caught red handed. Soon we will start a ‘chapter by chapter’ dissection of the book, and upload the relevant evidence we used to sue the publisher and author. 
One must not forget that the Whale Oil book was about the supposed story of Matthew Blomfield, (a former bankrupt and banned director) – and while he clearly provided the information they used, its very obvious no verification, nor any research was ever done to corroborate what he was telling them. As they say, so much for the truth. 
We are still being inundated with emails and information that we are currently verifying for further stories… but the one that is of most interest is the audio file we received with a long time Blomfield associate outing himself as Police Informant (for the last 10 years). Spring says “I was shell shocked when I received this file, but I know the voices and I know exactly who it is, and I have long suspected there are narks in the ranks, so it will be fascinating to see where this takes me on the journey to the truth, and it likely goes some way to the never ending Police investigations that have been going on towards myself and others” 
Spring goes on to say “when I have asked for various bits of information from the Police, the answer is often that the matter is still under investigation, yet that is despite me never even hearing from the Police, nor never being asked for an interview which is truely bizarre to say the least – what exactly are they investigating?”.
Spring suspects the response of “it’s an open investigation” is an easy way to save the NZ Police from giving out information to those seeking it, and the so called investigations are in fact the lies made up by informants and their associates to cloak their own nefarious business activities and criminal offending. 
We will soon address the story of the nark, and the long time connections that go with it. Playing a nark for the Police whilst interacting with the wrong people on the other side of the tracks so to speak is never a combination that ends well. The Ned Paraha incident at Blomfield’s home is something to comes to mind. Read about that story here.
*** Marc Spring and 2 other took successful defamation claims against the author and publisher of the Whale Oil book, and these claims were settled prior to the substantive hearing before the High Court in Auckland. 
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