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Where Are the Whistle Blowers???

For A Billion Plus A Year In Consultants What Have We Got?
As the dire straights continues for NZ, it is now so obvious that we have the most inept, incompetent government – likely in the history of NZ. There is no disputing that fact. 
So, to cover off the lack of experience, with most Labour MPs never actually having a ’real world’ job, this government has spent more on these so called consultants than any other government. 
That leads to a very puzzling, and concerning question of the consultants … if they are supposedly well qualified and being paid the big bucks, then why is the advice they are giving so bad? 
Where is the accountability of the consultants who are seeing whats going on? –  assisting in the exteremly poor economic decisions that are being made, millions, tens of millions, hundreds of millions simply being pissed away on projects that never go anywhere, or in the case of one consultant we spoke to during the week, who asked for anonymity, told us that he recently reviewed a $10M proposal on behalf of a minister, and the advice was that proposal was neither viable, nor necessary, and to his surprise the project as given the go ahead any way. 
When will a consultant stand up for the rights of the NZ tax payer? 
Sadly the answer is likely a very simple one – these so called expert consultants are so well paid,  they just keep their mouths shut and enjoy the gravy train of tax payer cash. 
It was not that long ago that the 3 Waters proposal had seen office space rented in Auckland, all decked out with the very best of office furniture, but a year or so on, those offices remain empty, but the landlords are laughing all the way to the bank as the spaces are rented on long term leases with the tax payers footing the bill – you dont get a better tenant. That shows the total arrogance of this government, given they knew that 3 Waters was extremely contentious, and had a very likely chance of not being successful in being approved. 
The recent revelation of the hundreds of millions of dollars in RAT tests all just stacked up, unused, in a rented shed – all once again at the long suffering tax payers expense. 
Thats just 2 examples of the hundreds that are out there – not to mention ministers now all being called out for conflict of interest issues. 
The NZ public deserve better scrutiny on these consultants. 
Would someone please stand up and the blow the whistle! 
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