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Whinging Lefty – Nicky Hager

Sucking Up To The Left Continues…
From the BFD early this morning 

Spare a thought for poor Nicky Hager, his apology from the SIS has been expunged from the SIS website and his lefty pals have their knickers in a bunch over it.

The New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (SIS) scrubbed its apology to investigative journalist Nicky Hager 15 days after posting it to their website.

But that 2022 apology, which also came with $66,000 compensation for unlawfully spying on Hager’s phone records, has now been reinstated to the SIS website – after Stuff asked why the mea culpa had vanished.

In emails released under the Official Information Act (OIA), staff at the SIS discussed removing the official apology days after it was posted.That includes the SIS’ general counsel – the secret intelligence agency’s top lawyer – sending an email classified as “SENSITIVE”. That email requested the apology be pulled down after two weeks, because in their view “that story had passed”.

Perhaps Nicky Hager should answer our emails about his involvement in the now ill fated book by Margie Thomson, called Whale Oil.

To quote Hager… “This book is beautifully written, a masterpiece of meticulous research, and warn, compelling story telling, as well as a testament to the importance of investigative writing” 
Let’s just mull that statement shall we Nicky …  what research? You could get away with ‘story telling’ in a fictional sense. 
As for the importance of investigative writing… the three claims made against the author & publishers would say otherwise, as who settles if they’ve told the truth, or have the evidence to prove it. Sadly none was forth coming through the discovery process, and the NZ Police were fantastic in supplying the evidence to Marc Spring and the other claimants. 
Keep an eye out for an upcoming story this site will break on legal negligence, confidentiality and privacy breaches, along with the theft of non related documents and the receiving of those stolen files. 
*** Marc Spring was successful in his Statement of Claim, and it was settled prior to the substantive hearing 
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