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Just When You Thought the NZ Movie Scene Could Go No Lower…

Ms. Information - The Sleep Inducing Story Of Breaching The Lockdown Rules
Just when you think you have heard it all… now the doco of Siouxsie Wiles.
NZ does not need another reminder of the utter nonsense that rolled out of this woman’s mouth.
When is enough enough with this lot?
If it was not bad enough to see Ashley Bloomfield Knighted for talking shit on national TV. 
It’s true, NZ has paid a very high price of the Covid carry on – massive debt, and being locked down for just one case. There is just no logic in any of that, given we are still seeing plenty of cases on a weekly basis. Yet we locked down for just one case. 
Lets not forget Wiles’ issues with Auckland University and her carry on wanting more security at the Universities expense, yet she was quite OK to bike across town while we all sat at home to sun herself at Judges Bay with someone not in her bubble. 
Can you believe this type of crap will actually be on show at the New Zealand International Film Festival! Might be better suited to Australia for a Razzie. 
A comment to ponder 
“Perhaps the hatred, rather than being rooted in misogyny, was based on being forced to watch a family member die alone. Not being allowed to have a proper funeral. Having your cancer missed because diagnostics were paused. Being ridiculed, shamed and excluded for simply being cautious about taking a novel pharmaceutical, made by a company that’s paid billions in civil and criminal fines over the last decade. Being shut off from all your support networks. Fed a constant diet of fear. I suspect it’s the association with these policies, rightly or wrongly, that drives the strong feelings towards Wiles and Ardern”
The movie should be called Victim Card as that’s what she is playing. 
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