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Hipkins Mummy Is in the Mix

Another Day, Another Labour Party Family Member

As has been reported, the PM’s mother is the Chief Researcher at the New Zealand Council for Education Research and has been involved in the controversial school curriculum refresh. 

The NZCER has a four year strategic plan from 2021-24 which has four priorities. 
The first of which is ‘decolonising education’. 
In the 2019 New Years Honours, it was reported in the Herald that a “Raumati South woman was “surprised and then delighted” to receive an honour. 
No mention that her son was Minister of Education and for the Public Service, and sat on the Appointment and Honours Committee that conferred the honour.
It’s a small club… Friends and family only.
The NZ Herald strikes again with a story omitting a very relevant fact. 
And the Herald had the cheek to run its own self serving story and podcast claiming it’s unbiased. 
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