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An Open Invite to Felix Geiringer

The NZ Bar Association Should Make Sure They Choose The Right Candidate

Good afternoon Felix,

Trust all is well with you these days…
I spotted on LinkedIn that you are considering ’throwing your hat in the ring’ so to speak to become the next NZ Bar Association President.
Whilst your list of credentials on paper make for good reading, I was wondering if you would respond on some of the comments (as they are not facts) that you made about me to the Law Society. 
Given you are Mr Blomfields lawyer of record, you surely must have seen the evidential documents you claim to refer to?
In your reply letter dated 30 March 2020 you stated that your clients partner, Rebecca Blatchford (wife of Matthew Blomfield) received a series of threatening and abusive messages which you say “they were able to trace back to Mr Spring”
You and I, along with the NZ Police know that your statement is NOT true, It never was. 
The NZ Police confirmed that, which I have shared with you. You have chosen to never address your deliberate and false allegations about me. 
You also stated, but did not provide any evidence what so ever to back up the following statement “based on the information given to him (Blomfield) by the NZ Police and others, Mr Blomfield is of the opinion that Mr Spring was directly involved in an attempt on his (Blomfields) life” That, as you also know is totally untrue, yet, in your capacity, as a Barrister, and providing no evidence to the Law Society, you some how decided that you would deliberalty lie.
Do you think the NZ Bar Association would be best suited with you as President? 
I would put it to the NZ Bar Assciation that you are unfit to hold the position of President – they are most welcome to respond to me directly on this matter. 
I note that when I wrote to you previously, you did not respond. That in my view is telling. 
Spring says “let’s see what comes back from the lot of them”
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