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Two People Are Murdered on a Building Site in Auckland

Just Another Day Where The Sentence Seems To Vary For No Good Reason
Cast your mind back to this article in the NZ Herald… 
A quick recap is a that a Kaikoura cafe owner was jailed with a ‘crazy’ prison sentence over council compliance. 

“A Kaikōura cafe owner jailed for two months for selling food without adequate council registration is languishing in the local police cells awaiting a transfer to prison – where the first-time offender will spend Christmas without her family.

Her family say she is still in shock, upset and tearful over the sentence which they have described as “crazy” and “an absolute waste of taxpayer dollars”.

On Friday Bean Me Up cafe owner Sharon Rayner was sentenced in the Kaikoura District Court to two months in prison for knowingly selling non-complying food and failing to comply with a notice of direction under the Food Act 2014.

The two charges, under the Food Act 2014, were brought by the Kaikōura District Council.”

Last weeks double murder by Matu Reid, a scum bag on Home Detention shows the flaws in the judicial system. 

So it seems you can lock up a non-compliant cafe owner, but you allow a violent animal with a known history of violence to be on Home D, BUT with a work pass!
In NZ you can bash your misses, threatened her, and her family, break bones in her neck, but still get a leave pass to work.
You can’t make this shit up. 
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