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More Nonsense Reporting
Stuff reports:

Kiritapu Allan was one of Labour’s most popular, most well known, and most promising politicians. She faced her fair share of issues and controversies; there were scandals, and questions about her treatment of staff and public servants.

But last week it looked like Allan was overcoming the challenges in both her personal life, and her public one.

Her boss, Prime Minister Chris Hipkins, described an MP “at the top of her game”. She was back at work, after taking some time to look after her mental health, and Hipkins was impressed following a policy she led targetting ram raiders.

Let’s just focus on a few points of this ‘spin’ story.
Kiri Allan was one of Labours most popular politicians – no, she has had negative information about her abuse and alcohol issues swirling for months.
Kiri Allan was most well known – well known for being utterly incompetent and for flying off the handle in a rage.
Kiri Allan was a promising politician – promising at what ? Leading dismal performing portfolios as NZ spirals into the abyss.
She faced her fair share of scandals – we are only scratching the surface on her behaviour.
Here’s the absolute kicker … PM Hipkins describes her as “an MP at the top of her game” – if ever there was a lack of judgement by a sitting PM this is it. 
How Hipkins can claim Kiri Allan is at the top of her game is beyond us, but if this is the top we would hate to see the bottom of that game.?
Let’s hope she is sacked from the Labour Party altogether.

The Labour Party fund for Public Interest Journalism might be closed but its reach into the MSM will live on for some time to come. 

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