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Kiri Allan: Booze, a Car Crash, and Surveillance

The Story Of The Now Ex Minister Of Justice Is Ever Expanding.
QUOTE of Kiri Allan “Terrorism world wide has become a cause for unjust state intervention”
Wow, what a quote – So Ms Allan thinks that terrorism is OK. Think about that for a moment. 
That begs the question of how on earth did she ever become the right type of MP to run the Justice portfolio? In fact what made her any sort of credible candidate for parliament at all! 
We know that Kiri Allans Labour roots go back to Jacinda Ardern in about 2002 when she was getting interested in Labour, when Allan was asked to become an intern in Helen Clark’s office. 

One Maori activist, Mauriora, Kiritapu Allan Co–Director of the Non-Governmental Organization, Conscious Collaborations, has publicly stated:

“The Police showed up at my house with files of my activities over years, my phones have been tapped for years, my house under surveillance and everything subject to their review. We have not been involved in any activities that could allow the police to make these claims and the distress they are causing for our families and children is devastating.

“Right now we are fighting for friends in Police Custody to make bail. A number of these requests have been denied. A number of people are now been moved between prisons and I will be liasing with them and their families. Court costs, travel costs, food costs and lawyer costs are above the heads of many of our people and we are asking for support from our communities both national and international to come to our aid in this time of need. ‘Terrorism’ world wide has become a cause for unjust state intervention into the lives of many peoples committed to change and now we are seeing that reality play out here in our own backyards within our own community.”

Most of our Internet sites have been taken down also in relation to these chain of events however all responses and correspondence can be made through me.

Kiritapu Allan Co – Director, Conscious Collaborations

With the humiliating fall from grace over the past week for Kiri Allan, she will always likely leave so many unanswered questions…. Or maybe PM Hipkins will make sure these questions stay unanswered as the cover up continues.
Here are a few questions that so far nobody is denying nor answering
  1. What was Kiri Allan doing the night of the crash?
  2. Why was she on that particular road?
  3. Why was Kiri Allan so far from home?
  4. Did the ute belong to a Ministry of Justice worker or family member? (We know that a senior MoJ official lives just above the crash site)
  5. Why did Kiri Allan do a runner?
  6. Is the MoJ senior official who lives above the crash site the same person who made an official complaint about Kiri Allans toxic behaviour?
  7. Did Kiri Allan deliberately ram that ute in retaliation for the offical compliant?
By Kiri Allans own admission she seems to think terrorism is OK… perhaps that explains her actions that night. 
In the meantime all the luvvies and lazy gravy trainers rush to her defence without thinking about the potential wider implications. 
Kiri Allan is a lawyer, so will the Law Society investigate and stand her down pending a full investigation into her actions? Surely she has brought the NZ legal profession into disrepute. 
The other question that surely would be on the minds of any clients of Kiri Allan, should she return to practicing as lawyer – is it safe for a lawyer suffering mental illness to be trusted with taking on any legal representation for clients?
The ‘mental illness card’ she and the Labour Party played may just be the one thing that Kiri Allan regrets. 
A final thought – could this latest Labour Party fiasco see Chris Hipkins bow out?
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