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NZ First Firmly on the Campaign Trail

Winston Is Serving Up What The People Want.
**Major Policy Announcement by Winston Peters at an OVER CAPACITY PACKED out rally in Whangarei.
NZF will hold a full, and Independent enquiry into Covid 19 – and the efficacy of the vaccine – this is excellent news.
Let’s not forget Jacinda’s laughable load of BS podium of truth statement “Covid is going door to door seeking out the unvaccinated”. She’s makes Covid sound like a Jehovahs Witness.
No politicians will be part of this 
Also to be investigated are the Media and their role in the response! 
A full investigation is needed into the Public Journalism Fund as the bias nonsense that’s most of the MSM needs to be cleaned up.
“This won’t be their podium of truth” Peters said of these investigations.
All mandates to be dropped and…
Those affected to be RECOMPENSED… this will get most interesting.
Bring on the election. 
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