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The Tamati Coffey Joke Continues

Another Day, Another Labour Party Clown
Now we hear that ex weather guy, and ex Labour MP, Tamati Coffey will have another crack at a cash grab from the tax payers coffers.
Coffey, who stood down as an MP sighting he needed more time with family, has all of a sudden decided that he wants to contest the Labour held seat of East Coast.
The East Coast seat is of course being vacated by outgoing Labour disgrace, Kiri ‘ Drink & Drive’ Allan. 
How fitting to see another long term bludger like Coffey reappear so quickly to get back on the gravy train.
Just a few months ago Tamati Coffey came in 9th out of 16 in an election for a local trust board in Rotorua. 
Coffey was also the ONLY Labour MP to lose a seat at the 2020 election.
Wow what pedigree he has to get another go at politics.
Still we guess he’s about as good as it gets for Labour! 
Lets call this what it is…. Tamati Coffey failed at life outside politics, so he is quite happy to have another go at the tax payers expense. 
Roll on the October election. 
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