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Dissent in the Ranks of the National Party?

Are We Going To See That The Talent Pool At National Is Also Shallow?
As the 2023 election draws closer, and win for the centre right seems more and more likely, as the Labour Party self destructs – however both sides are suffering from the same overall issue. 
That issue is the depth of talent, or lack there of. 
With so many old heads moving on over the last few years, and so much nonsense with the Ardern regime, and her approach to Covid, and the blocking of Ministers from being front and centre while she hogged the limelight, Labour has truely become a laughing stock of incompetence and stupidity. 
National’s issues are based around the seemingly never ending leadership issues, and the dumbasses that want to be in the next government led by Chris Luxon. ‘Bed leg bully’ Sam springs to mind. 
In any government there are always a few very coveted roles, and these roles take skill, acumen and experience. 
One of those roles is that of Attorney General. 
Sources tell us that a little known known lawyer by the name of James Christmas is being touted for that role. 
So just who is James Christmas? A quick look at his bio at the National Party website tells us…. Its hardly AG material for a first term MP – and a List MP at that! 
His bio states – 

Public and Treaty lawyer James Christmas has been nominated by the National Party Board to stand as a list-only candidate for National in the 2023 General Election.

After graduating from the University of Canterbury, James completed a Bachelor of Laws and a Master of Arts on electoral law reform at Victoria University. Admitted as a lawyer in 2012, he was an advisor to Attorney-General Christopher Finlayson, and then to Prime Ministers John Key and Bill English, with particular responsibility for the national security and intelligence portfolio.

He has practised law on his own account since 2019, advising a range of clients around New Zealand.

In 2021, he co-authored He Kupu Taurangi, a history of Treaty Settlements under the National Government, which was longlisted for the general non-fiction award at the 2022 Ockham New Zealand Book Awards. He is currently writing the biography of former National
Party Minister of Justice, Ralph Hanan.

James has a long-standing interest in the arts, and served as a trustee of the New Zealand String Quartet from 2017 to 2023.

“I’m honoured to have been nominated by the Board, and am looking forward to campaigning across New Zealand to help elect a Chris Luxon-led National Government at this year’s election. I look forward to contributing to a National team that will deliver for Kiwis on the issues that matter.”

But the issues with young Mr Christmas don’t end there either. 
Our sources are saying that James Christmas has been nominated by the National Party Board, despite its Members saying no 3 times. The Members clearly dont like there cut of his jib, and have concerns as to his ability and suitability for the role of Attorney General. 
We agree, and would further agree that this is once again further confirmation that the lack of talent is a real problem for the centre right.
As we know Luxon is big on building a team, and surrounding himself with yes men… that’s NOT what NZ needs right now, We need experience and ability in these top roles, as the mess caused by Labour is not a 1 term fix, but rather a longer term multi term fix. 
Time will tell, but once again the National Party are showing they are just as frail as the left when it comes to experience. 
Nobody will deny that a change of government is needed, but careful choices to major roles is an absolute priority. 
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