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Pregnancy Racism Is a Thing?

Another Day Of Madness In The Debating Chamber
The saying goes “I thought I have heard it all”
Then yesterday it became obvious that in fact we have not heard it all… it now Prezzie Cards for pregnant mums.
But in true Labour Party form there is a catch – you must identify as Maori. 
So now Pakeha, Asians, Indians, in fact any race who are pregnant can identify as Maori to grab a Prezzies Card. 
Race based healthcare is a thing in NZ! 

ACT Deputy Leader and Health spokesperson Brooke van Velden.

“Today in Parliament I revealed that pregnant mothers are receiving $50 prezzy cards simply for turning up to pregnancy assessments and 6-week assessments. The catch? You have to identify as Māori to get the prezzy card.

“The funding for this divisive policy has been taken from Community Services Card funding. Labour is taking money from a scheme which benefits the economically vulnerable, to give it to a scheme which exclusively benefits mothers from one ethnic group.

“I asked Associate Health Minister Willow-Jean Prime why the Government is giving out incentive payments defined by race, rather than need. Despite me putting the question to her on notice and her having an entire day to prepare, she didn’t have any idea what I was talking about, and instead referred to free pregnancy assessments.

Just when you thought Labour could not come up with any more stupid, race based divisive policies,
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